The power to engage

Focus on the things that matter and deliver a presentation to remember with vivid colours and clear details. You can rely on our latest installation projectors to be exceptionally easy to use and maintain.

Installation projectors for professional presenting

Transform presentations in large venues with our most powerful, versatile and highly reliable installation range. Project up to Full HD and experience 4K quality with our latest range that includes 4K enhancement technology, an improved resolution and exceptional clarity. Project vivid colours and clear detail that will impress in corporate and higher education environments, even in brightly lit rooms.

Stunning images

Enjoy professional results every time, whatever the subject, with our acclaimed 3LCD technology. These projectors are three times brighter1 than the competition, and feature 4K enhancement so you can project dramatic, eye-catching projections in any lecture hall, gallery or digital signage display.

Flexible installation

Make a big impression with innovative features and tools including flexible 360° installation and split screen, corner and curved surface projection. Get superb results in just about any venue with changeable motorised lenses, including an ultra-short-throw lens for projecting large images from close to the screen.

Simple operation

Keep focused on your presentation, with a hassle-free projector that’s simple to use and reliable. Get started quickly with wide connectivity for easy integration into the existing environment, and work fast with image adjustments including powered zoom and lens shift. There's even a time-saving lens memory function to recall previously entered projector settings.

4K quality resolution

Take presenting into the future with 4K enhancement technology, which effectively doubles the resolution for an even better image. It gives viewers the 4K experience with improved texture, exceptional sharpness, clarity Full HD and detail. It does this by shifting the pixels of Full HD 1080p content, diagonally by 0.5 pixels.

Epson 3LCD technology - 3x brighter than competitor technology
Conventional projector technology using 1-chip DLP technology

3 LCD - the perfect combination

Our 3LCD technologies combine high resolution, brightness and rich colours to produce vivid, engaging images even in brightly lit rooms. Our 3-chip, solid-state optical engines optimise white balance and black colour matching for seamless blending. Equally high White and Colour Light Output makes images consistent and three times brighter1 than 1-chip DLP projectors, without any rainbow effect.

WUXGA - beyond Full HD

See the complete picture with corner-to-corner detail of Full HD widescreen content, with standard native WUXGA resolution.

Wider colour gamut

Enjoy more vibrant colours and even more accurate colour reproduction with Epson’s technology. It impressively achieves three times1 the colour gamut of 1-chip DLP projectors with Epson's HTPS panels. You can also adjust hue, saturation and brightness for each colour in the RGB and CMY colour models.

The difference is clear

In a world where audiences have grown to expect so much more from presentations, it's good to know that your projector has the powerful tools and features to deliver the best results with ease and minimal maintenance.

A range of lenses

Highly flexible, these projectors can be easily adapted to suit a range of venue sizes and layouts, with the expansive portfolio of motorised lenses. This collection includes an ultra-short-throw (UST) zero offset lens2 for compact spaces. This produces a 200-inch image from only 1.5m away and has lens shift of +/-17% vertical and +/- 10% horizontal for added flexibility. Additional lenses also make it easier to use an existing ceiling or wall mount.

Quick start

Make the most of your time by using the lens memory function to store relevant settings such as image position, focus and zoom. This reduces the time it takes to start presenting because there's no need to re-programme the projector when using different aspect ratios or lenses.

Versatile installation

Project perfectly uniform images with the powered lens with new stepping motor, for very precise image adjustments up to +/- 67% vertical and +/-30% horizontal. This can be done manually or by remote control, and is very useful for edge blending and stacking. Store up to ten lens settings, while a new OSD Control Pad function gives you control via the web or a smart device.

Adjustable images

Project uniform images from a wider range of positions with lens shift up to +/-67% vertical and +/-30% horizontal and manual vertical keystone correction +/- 30 degrees. You can also switch to portrait projection mode without changing the lamp3.


If you need to show images with shadows, such as X-rays and other medical images (this projector cannot be used for actual medical diagnosis), this specific colour mode can be used.

Wide connectivity

Set-up and integration is simple with HDBaseT support for Full HD video and audio. The HDBaseT gives you control from up to 100m away in large venues equipped with a category 5e cable.

Fleet management

Take charge with EasyMP network control. Send a presentation to multiple projectors and monitor, manage and configure your projector fleet centrally. You can even set up email alerts for when projector maintenance is imminent.

Complete control

Enhance presentations with a range of innovations that add creativity and interest to any setting. A screen is just the start, because now you can project perfect images on the floor, ceiling and even curved walls or into corners.

Native contrast ratio

Project images with clear contrast even in daylight or with the lights on. A high brightness up to 8,000Im, and a native contrast ratio of 2,000:1, ensure super dark blacks and super bright whites.

Just about anywhere

Rotate your projector up to 360° in any direction to bring floors and ceilings into play. There's no distortion or loss of brightness even on a corner or curve, so creating eye-catching images in unusual settings is easy. Project in portrait mode at 90° rotation to add even more creativity to signage, fashion shows and gallery exhibitions.

Two screen in one

Compare and contrast different subjects and enhance presentations with the split screen function. WUXGA resolution ensures optimum quality, and there are two digital inputs for projecting images from two different sources simultaneously on the screen.

Multi-projector perfection

Create stunning large scale images using additional projectors, with seamless tiling and blending and better black colour matching between units. Make precise adjustments to the start position, edge width and area of the black level in the blend and save time by reducing overlapping areas.

Product Range


Optional lens specifications

Lense type Ultra-short throw2 Short throw Short throw Wide throw Mid throw Mid throw Mid throw Mid throw Long throw
Order number V12H004X01 V12H004U03 V12H004U04 V12H004W05 V12H004M08 V12H004M09 V12H004M0A V12H004M0A V12H004L08
Lens option
Focus / Zoom type Motorised Motorised Motorised Motorised Motorised Motorised Motorised Motorised Motorised
Zoom ratio (Optical) N/A 1.2x 1.2x 1.4x 1.6x 1.6x 1.5x 1.5x 1.39x
Throw ratio 0.35:1 0.65-0.78:1 0.87-1.06:1 1.04-1.46:1 1.45-2.32:1 2.15-3.49:1 3.31-5.07:1 4.84-7.39:1 7.2-10.12:1
Aspect roatio 16:10 16:10 16:10 16:10 16:10 16:10 16:10 16:10 16:10
F number 1.9 2.0-2.26 2.0-2.1 2.0-2.23 1.65-2.27 1.8-2.51 1.8-2.4 1.81-2.34 1.8-2.45
Focal length (mm) 5.8 11.1-13.1 14.8-17.77 17.6-24.3 24.0-38.2 36-57.4 55.4-83.3 80.6-121.1 119-165.4
Screen size range (inches) 100-400 80-300 60-300 50-300 50-300 50-300 50-300 50-300 50-300
lens shift V: ±17%
H: ±10%
V: ±67%
H: ±30%
V: ±67%
H: ±30%
V: ±67%
H: ±30%
V: ±67%
H: ±30%
V: ±67%
H: ±30%
V: ±67%
H: ±30%
V: ±67%
H: ±30%
V: ±67%
H: ±30%
Weight 3.5 1.8 3.1 1.45 1.2 1.9 2.2 2.2 2.2

Technical specifications

EB-G7800 EB-G7000W EB-G7200W EB-G7400U EB-G7900U / EB-G7905U
Technology Epson 3LCD technology
Resolution / acpect ratio XGA / 4:3 WXGA / 16:10 WXGA / 16:10 WUXGA / 16:10 WXGA / 16:10
4K enhancement N/A Yes
Contrast ration (dynamic / native) 50,000:1 / 2,000:1
Colour and White Light Output (lumens) (standard / economy) 8,0000 / 6,400 6,500 / 5,915 7,500 / 6,000 5,500 / N/A 7,000 / 5,600
Lamp life (hours) (standard / economy / portrait) 3,000 / 4,000 / 2,000
Image size (inches) 50 - 300
Throw ratio (std lens) 1.65 - 2.27 : 1
Lens F-number (F) / Focal length (f) (mm) 1.65 - 2.27 / 24 - 38.2
Zoom ratio 1.6x
Keystone correction (horizontal / vertical) ± 30 ° / ± 30 °
Lens shift (horizontal / vertical) ± 57 ° / ± 30 ° ± 67 ° / ± 30 °
Speakers 10w x 1
Noise (standard / economy) (dB) 39 / 31
Power consumption (w) (on / economy / stand-by) 686 / 477 / 0.5 624 / 477 / 0.5 686 / 477 / 0.5 587 / N/A / 0.5 686 / 477 / 0.5
Weight (kg) 12.7
Dimensions W × D × H (mm) 525 × 472 × 189
Digital HDMI (W/HDCP2.2) x1, DVI-D x1,HDBaseT (W/HDCP2.2) x1
Video Input: PC (D-sub 15), Component (5BNC), Output: Monitor out (D-sub 15)
Control LAN (RJ45), RS232 (IN), wired remote control
USB USB Type A (Optional Wi-Fi, Firmware update via USB Flash Drive)
Audio Input: Stereo mini x3, Output: Stereo mini x1
Supplied accessories Power cable, computer cable, cable cover, HDMI cable clamp, lens cap, remote control, user manual
Projector warranty 4 3 years or 20,000 hours, whichever comes first
Lamp warranty 4 3 years or 1,000 hours, whichever comes first
All specifications are preliminary. Product information is subject to change without prior notice.
  1. Colour Brightness (Colour Light Output) measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4. Colour Brightness will vary depending on usage conditions. Leading Epson 3LCD business and education projectors compared to leading one-chip DLP projectors, based on NPD data for June 2013 through May 2014 and PMA Research data for Q1 through Q3 2013. For more information please visit
  2. Available in Autumn 2016.
  3. Lamp life will be reduced when switching to portrait projection mode.
  4. Warranty offers are not available for all countries. Please contact your local Epson representative.