X-Golf Middle East uses the Epson G-series for a great virtual experience

X-Golf uses the Epson G-series to provide amazing entertainment

X-Golf Middle East uses the Epson G-series for a great virtual experience

Thanks to modern technology people now have numerous alternatives to allow them to enjoy their favourite sports, despite potential challenges such as the climate or insufficient time. Golf is one of many sports which has embraced change and introduced new ways for it to be enjoyed in a virtual environment that simulates reality.

Overview of X-Golf Middle East

X-Golf Middle East is a leading company providing virtual golf courses in the Middle East. The company has taken up the responsibility of providing this high-end game to individual and institutional customers at the time and place that suits them. The company first opened its doors to customers in the region in November 2016.


X-Golf needed to find a technical partner capable of supplying projectors that provide a virtual environment that simulates reality. It was also keen to find integrated technical solutions which could be used for both real-world simulations and home entertainment. These solutions need be flexible enough to meet the different needs of X-Golf’s customers. The company wanted to use projectors with amazing capabilities in the areas of graphic design and hi-tech image replay, as well as offering a smooth supply to meet the desires and aspirations of its customers.

Since X-Golf has had a long-term partnership with Epson working together in Australia, and has enjoyed a positive experience in dealing with the company, it decided to meet the Epson team as soon as it opened its headquarters in Dubai to see what it could offer the company there.


The Epson team met with the X-Golf team in Dubai to learn about its needs and understand what Epson could offer X-Golf’s customers in the region. The two companies’ strong partnership through their work together in Australia made it easier for Epson to grasp X-Golf’s needs and to understand the high quality requirements and level of entertainment X-Golf wants to offer its customers.

Epson’s solutions:

Epson found that the G-series projector was the best fit for X-Golf needs. It boasts a unique design in terms of installation and programming settings, making it more flexible and easier to use the device. By offering the highest quality images and most sophisticated technology, Epson projectors enhance viewer entertainment while ensuring a low total cost to own the product.

X-Golf decided to accept Epson’s proposal.


X-Golf currently uses four G-series projector units. The devices were installed in the simulation rooms at X-Golf’s headquarters in Dubai. Each of the devices is used to offer a virtual experience that simulates the entire golf course on a screen measuring 4.7 metres wide by 2.6 metres high.

Epson G-series devices are easy to install and have been developed to the highest standards of quality, reliability and accuracy, making them the perfect choice for simulation and image display applications with high image clarity and quality better than full HD. The G-series also offers easy settings and advanced features including overlapping frames, image sharing and sophisticated control capabilities.


The G-series is the world's bestselling brand, thanks to Epson's ability to understand the demands of the entertainment industry around the world.

The Epson experience:

In his remarks on the partnership with Epson, Marty Gromotka, Managing Director of X-Golf Middle East, said, "They are working on providing highly sophisticated products that ensure we have innovative solutions tailored to our needs. We offer our customers 3LCD screens and laser projectors. Epson is our best technology partner in this area and we can always rely on them to provide reliable services to our customers."


Gromotka said that X-Golf has for a long time relied on Epson's solutions in Australia and that Epson's customer service and technological innovations have always been a key feature distinguishing the company from its competitors.