Epson ePOS makes customers happy at Kiel.Sailing.City

TM-T88V-iHub is the keystone of an effective retail strategy

Epson ePOS makes customers happy at Kiel.Sailing.City

The boundary between online and instore shopping is becoming ever more blurred. Epson TM-Intelligent technology helped Kiel.Sailing.City improve customer relationships and streamline checkout.

"Tourists like to take their time and look around the shop at their leisure, browsing for items. However, as soon as they have found what they want, they expect quick service," explains Omar el Azouzi of BillSys, describing a typical situation in the Kiel.Sailing.City souvenir shop.

The Kiel.Sailing.City branch chose a TM-T88V-iHub receipt printer to handle payments, plus a web-based application that would operate on any device - desktop, laptop or tablet - and  operating systems including Windows, iOS/OSX or Android devices. The TM-T88V-iHub receipt printer provides all the necessary services to enable mobile and flexible customer service both on the shop floor and at the counter.

The receipt printer and app can be used straight away without any complicated installation or configuration required. The installation can also be expanded - for example, a new employee can use his or her tablet to access the shop website and log in to the system immediately with the relevant access rights linked to his or her login details. There is also a variant with a QR code, so a simple scan is sufficient to log in further staff members. There is no restriction on the maximum number of simultaneous connections.

The installation is supplied with a high-performance goods management system which is capable of indicating current stock levels at any time – irrespective of whether a product has been sold online or in store.

TM-Intelligent printing solutions

The TM-T88V-iHub receipt printer acts as a hub within the installation, controlling communication with the tablets. In addition the receipt printer can also take control of standard peripheral devices such as cash drawers on tills and barcode scanners. Epson's ePOS technology provides a high-performance platform for all applications which can be accessed from mobile devices via a browser without any drivers or other software.