Epson supports Dubai Courts to contribute to Vision of Sustainable Energy

Epson supports Dubai Courts to contribute to Vision of Sustainable Energy
Key Facts

Dubai Courts is committed to ensuring that justice is served to all citizens of Dubai, while preserving their rights and freedom and providing quality and equal opportunity to all citizens.

The vision of Dubai Courts is to become among the world’s pioneering and most distinguished courts in terms of the quality of their service. It strives to achieve precise and swift justice and presenting accessible judicial services to all citizens and residents.


Dubai Courts uses printers for printing different documents and the usage is quite heavy. Printing is done by the executive offices, back offices and customer service counters.

The IT department realized that the cost of printing was increasing with constant replacement of cartridges that was also leading to high amount of wastage from consumables which is not an environment friendly way to do business. This was limiting them from their goal to support the vision of the UAE Government to achieve a sustainable environment and infrastructure by 2021.

The department started looking for an alternative solution to help them to reduce IT spend and provide a more environmentally sustainable way of printing. They requested proposals from several vendors and Epson was one of the companies they approached.

The Epson team met with the IT team to understand their printing usage and concerns.

Printing concerns

One of the concerns expressed by the IT team was that with the current level of usage, they were unable to meet the demands of achieving sustainable development while preserving the environment and improving the quality of life for all citizens.

Previous printing solutions resulted in particles clinging to dust resulting from the printing process; and this was a health concern. The printer usage also led to high energy consumption.

Above all, the IT team wanted to opt for the best printing technology for high quality printing on par with international standards.

Epson’s Green Solution

The Epson team made note of all the concerns and proposed the following solutions

Experience with Epson:

According to Rawdha Al Suwaidi, Head of Communications Department: “We are very happy with the solution Epson came up with. We are now saving around 96% in terms energy consumption. Also, printing waste has gone down to around 94% and our paper consumption has decreased by around 50% if compared with the previous printers”.

She also points that Epson printers offer a massive reduction on power consumption compared to competitive printers – providing significant cost and environmental savings. Ink cartridges are clean and easy to change and the cartridge is the only part that needs replacing, so the process is hassle-free.

“The organisation has also seen less amount of printing waste due to using liquid ink instead of cartridges and other consumables which also required huge containers for storage,” Al Suwaidi added.


Epson products are in line with the goals of the UAE Vision 2020 for sustainable environment and infrastructure.

It reduces energy consumption and is a strong step towards environmental conservation.

Less support required for printers as they run efficiently

Epson provides competitive offering and after sales service.