Experience events in three dimensions

Faberge, a leading venue in Israel, chooses Epson projectors

Experience events in three dimensions

Faberge, one of the top event spaces in Israel, wanted to enhance its visitor experience, so it chose Epson's EB-Z11000 projectors

Larger venues in Israel face great competition in offering customers an extraordinary experience that will set them apart from other event spaces. The Faberge hospitality facility, which describes itself as an "events palace", is one of the leading and most prestigious venues in Israel, and was recently launched with a great deal of media fanfare.

Faberge boasts 22,000m² of space surrounded by orchards, landscaped gardens, ponds, fountains and breathtaking event spaces which bridge the gap between classic opulence and innovative design. For these reasons, it was especially important for the centre to provide customers with a unique hospitality experience that would allow them to stand out from the competition.

"The palace's audiovisual systems are the most advanced in the world," says the site manager. "When you add configurable drones for hovering photography, and complete control and synchronisation of sound and imagery, anything is possible. Every evening, the event areas in the palace become a new and surprising universe which changes and evolves non-stop during the event."

Amazing performances within a set budget

In order to create this unique and dramatic envirnment, Faberge Halls turned to S.A. Projection Systems Ltd. The  company was asked to build a projection system that could implement the designers' vision and offer amazing performances within a set budget.

According to Danny Zizov, the director of S.A. Projection Systems, the choice of using Epson projectors for the project was obvious. "Epson, who have the highest-quality projectors, are unrivalled in terms of professionalism and value for money – they are the best on the market."

The Epson solution

The company designed a unique projection display based on "video mapping" – projection technology that uses the transformation of surfaces built at an angle to add extra dimensions for projection, along with optical illusions. The project was implemented along the whole hall wall, to which protrusions and depressions were added especially for the performance. In addition, special content was prepared which was appropriate to the various events that take place in the hall.

For this complex task, they recommended the use of Epson EB-Z11000 projectors. Nine projectors were set up in the hall to make Faberge's artistic vision a reality.

The EB-Z11000 is an ultra-bright projector which can throw ultra-bright XGA images at 11,000 lumens. Its high brightness makes vivid colours and sharp images possible even in daylight, with colours three times as bright  as competing projectors. In addition, it can project images in portrait as well as landscape, making it ideal for large venues.

According to Zizov, "We looked for projectors that would provide a top-quality projection experience, immersing event guests in an atmosphere that can't be found elsewhere – Epson's EB-Z11000 projectors helped us achieve that goal in the best way possible."