Habari Consulting chooses ink tank system printers

Habari Consulting chooses ink tank system printers

With close to 50 employees, Habari Consulting has extensive and varied experience, focusing on delivering world-class solutions at every level both locally and internationally, and boasting experience in nearly all market sectors, channels and marketing disciplines.

With close to 50 employees, the creative team has extensive and varied experience, focusing on delivering world-class solutions at every level both locally and internationally, and boasting experience in nearly all market sectors, channels and marketing disciplines.

Habari Consulting was using a small inkjet printer for administrative work and a large LaserJet for artwork.  However, the cost of replacing ink cartridges for the LaserJet and inkjet printer was very high, with the company having to replace the Inkjet cartridges at least three times a month. In other instances, the ink ran out in the midst of production of client work. This in turn led to delays in delivery time or having to go to extreme measures to ensure they met client deadlines. As a result, they sought to try out a more cost effective and efficient solution to their current challenge.

Epson provides the solution

Michelle Shepherd, CEO Habari Consulting, heard about the Epson L850 directly from the Epson team, having interacted with them in the past on business. She was eager to try out the solution for herself.

“We got one Epson L850 to test out how the Ink Tank System would fair in our work environment. Being a design and communication agency, there is a lot of printing done. From creation of tender documents to administration work and through to printing of artwork, we needed a solution that would be able to handle a high volume of printing that could efficiently produce quality work.”

The Epson L850 is an A4 6-colour multifunction photo printer equipped with a purpose-built ink tank that delivers reliable and high-quality photo printing together with more advanced functions such as a scanner, LCD display, and CD/DVD printing.

With ink tanks for each colour - Black, Cyan, Light Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Light Magenta, you can enjoy reliable colour printing without the mess or hassle often associated with non-genuine refills and third-party ink tank systems.

Epson genuine ink bottles make it easy to refill the ink tank with their clear labelling and drip-free nozzle.

Printing up to 1800 15x10cm photos, they deliver an ultra-low cost per photo and can be purchased at a cost of KES 2,000 per bottle. They are easy and reliable to use, thereby increasing productivity and reducing downtime.  

The test case worked…

“We were extremely impressed with the Epson L850 – the ink lasts much longer and the quality of the prints is great. It has been six months and we have only had to purchase one ink bottle to replenish the black ink. On a previous occasion when printing a tender document, having replaced the cartridge in the morning we worked through the night and at 2am once again we had run out of ink and had to go to the supermarket to replenish cartridges which proved to be a waste of the little time we had. So, while the initial outlay of the L850 is a little higher, we have already seen a massive reduction in the cost of what would have been spent on cartridges. It has basically paid for itself already,” Michelle says.

Previously, Habari was spending KES6,000 on catridges printer ink in a month with KES3,000 on black cartridge ink and KES3,000 on coloured  catrdiges ink . In five months, they would have spent KES 30,000 on ink alone. Since using the Epson L850 printer, they have only had to replace the black ink at a cost of KES2,000 for the ink bottle and, in the first five months of using the printer, have managed to save KES28,000.

Philip Mwangi who is in charge of IT says, “The Epson L850 has excellent features where one is able to print on compact disks and DVDs which makes it easier for labeling and identification. The scanning is also fast and very clear, as is the photocopying function of this printer. The design and the size of the printer fits in well with the modern office setup. Its ease of use makes it a leading model in the three-in-one category range of printers”.

Simple to set up, easy to run

The Epson L850 Ink Tank System Printer is easy to set up and refilling the ink is a simple mess-free process, allowing any user to quickly and efficiently top up the ink tanks as necessary. It also comes with a 12-month (or 3,000 page) warranty and service support, offering full peace of mind to a new buyer.

The Epson L850 works with a number of paper formats, from A6 to A4 sheets of paper as well as a variety of envelope sizes. It accepts photo paper producing high quality prints using Epson’s renowned Micro Piezo print head technology, and genuine Epson ink. Another benefit of the Epson L850 is the 6.9cm LCD screen, which allows for easy and convenient printing and scanning without a PC. It is available at most IT retail outlets retailers and distributors in Kenya.

The Habari Consulting team is very pleased with the efficiency of the L850, which is being used has since been used to print documents for external presentations, samples of design work, tenders, as well as documents for day-to-day office administration. The solution proved transformative because it meant less time is spent on turnaround time to meet deadlines.

“The Epson L850 exceeded our expectations and we are definitely excited to learn more about solutions Epson has to offer. If you are a small user or home office owner, the Epson Ink Tank System printers are a transformative solution that will save you time and money”.