Iguana Projects chooses Epson ITS printers

Iguana Projects chooses Epson ITS printers

Iguana Projects gets more printers, slashes printing costs by 95 percent with Epson ITS printers

Iguana Projects is a privately owned South African company in the building industry that offers a variety of services, including design, construction, project management and property development. With an annual turnover in excess of ZAR450 million per year, the company employs 50 permanent staff, including its operations, quantity surveying and accounts teams.

The company tracked its printing consumables expenditure on its eight laser printers for the year to the end of August 2015, and realized that these items cost just short of ZAR130,000.00 per annum. This was in addition to the costs of the printers themselves, and didn’t include time and money spent on maintenance and repairs

Iguana Projects’ Alternate Director Nici Maritz was adamant that there had to be a better, more cost-efficient solution that would maintain or improve print quality and office efficiency.

Epson provides the solution

Nici had heard about Epson’s Ink Tank System (ITS) printers in the media, and although they were marketed as a solution for home offices and small businesses, she conducted extensive research into their capabilities, performance, and page yield. She felt that they would provide the efficient, cost saving solution that the company sought.

After consulting with JustPos Solutions, a certified Epson reseller, Iguana Projects installed two Epson Ink Tank System (ITS) printers on a trial basis. Nici was confident that the printers’ consumables would cost less, but she needed to be sure that the printers themselves would cope with the day to day demands of the company’s busy accounting, operations and quantity surveying teams.

The trial printers exceeded all expectations in terms of consumables consumption, their replacement, and the print quality of all documents produced. Nici ordered a further 10 printers, increasing the number of printers from the original eight to twelve.

Printing properly, on time, with no mess

Iguana Projects chose the L310, L565 and M105 models from the ITS range, doing away with the costly and inconvenient cartridge system of the past.

Both the Epson L310 and the M105 provide Iguana Projects with an ultra low-cost printing solution, producing high-quality print jobs ideal for administrative and general office use. Epson’s patented ink tank system is engineered to last at least two years – or 12,000 prints in black and 6,500 in colour.

The Epson L565 offers print, fax, scan and copy functionality and is able to handle high-volume printing efficiently without the need for constant maintenance. It also produces an average of 33 pages per minute in monochrome and 15 pages per minute in colour, saving time on bulk-printing and increasing staff productivity.

Each printer in the ITS range is equipped with Epson’s Micro Piezo print head technology, delivering high-quality printing through an integrated Ink Tank System.

Refilling is hassle-free with Epson’s unique fast ink top-up technology, designed with air-tight caps and filters to ensure minimal ink wastage through leaking and spills.

The ITS printers also proved a durable addition to the Iguana offices as well as on construction sites where teams required detailed and high-quality on-the-spot printing of technical drawings and other important material. Nici was initially concerned that the printers would not be robust enough to function in the rigorous and dusty conditions common on building sites, but the printers continued to perform beyond expectations.

Specific models within the ITS range are also equipped with WiFi capability for convenient printing from smart phones, tablets and other devices.

Business results boosted

Since installing 12 Epson ITS printers at its headquarters and on its building sites, Iguana Construction has reduced its printing consumables costs to just ZAR6,000 per annum – an effective 95 percent reduction in costs, in spite of having more printers available to staff.