Israeli homeowners choose Epson laser projectors

The latest trend in Israel - watching on giant screens at home

Israeli homeowners choose Epson laser projectors

A perfect solution has arrived for those who want to watch football or the latest blockbuster on a screen the size of sixteen 60-inch TV sets put together, and that's a laser projector from Epson. Israeli homeowners are installing laser projectors to replace their LED televisions, even outside for open-air cinema or pool parties.

There's no shortage of football fans in Israel. The same is true for cinephiles. And where better to watch the World Cup finals or the latest Hollywood hit than at home, by the pool? Plus the best way to experience both sports and films is on the largest screen possible.

When the first customer request reached A. Watt, a company specialising in smart home solutions and home cinema projection systems, CEO Assaf Forman was surprised. He's used to receiving unusual requests, he says, but this was stranger than usual, especially for a private customer. “We were asked to come up with a solution so the customer could watch football matches with other spectators from a pool adjacent to his home, and the task was to provide a solution that allowed the largest possible screen, within the constraints of the area."

The Epson solution

The solution that immediately sprung to mind was an Epson laser projector - these are more usually found showing off their power at large-scale indoor events and in conference halls.

“The current trend among the fans of ‘bigger is better’ is to change over to laser projectors, which in recent months have taken the market by storm,” says Forman. “The latest bestsellers belong to a new generation of projectors, utilising laser technology that simply changes the rules of the game.”

He says that laser projectors that were originally intended for use by big organisations, higher education institutions, visitor centres, rental companies and digital signage companies are now being bought by private homeowners. “Our premium customers understand that if these projectors work superbly in difficult conditions, sometimes 24/7, it is reasonable to assume they can also serve well in the home or a penthouse apartment.”

The reason to use Epson projectors for this project was self-evident. “Epson has projectors of the highest professional standards and, in terms of value for money, they are the best on the market. We decided unanimously with the customer to be the first in Israel, and perhaps even further afield, to put an Epson installation laser projector into a private home."

Eli Shalev is the restaurateur and businessman next to whose pool the installation was carried out, and he agrees completely. “My friends have spent hundreds of thousands of shekels on installing LED televisions outdoors and discovered that even with the best weather protection, things went badly. Moreover, what other television today can provide a viewing experience on a 256-inch screen, which is equivalent to sixteen 60-inch televisions?”

EB-L1100U offers 4K enhancement

The projector chosen for the task was the EB-L1100U. This projector takes Epson into a new era of fixed projection with radical new laser technology inside. This 6000-lumen WUXGA projector ensures long-life laser projection with rich, vibrant colours thanks to Epson’s 3LCD technology, which offers equally high white and colour light output. 

Forman and his team ensured full integration with existing audio systems and complete control of the projector via the customer’s smartphone. He can control projection from any corner of the house or the pool, and can instantly upload the latest videos he has filmed to the giant screen. “We have no limitations caused by distance or protection against the weather. Plus the projector provides laser projection with an outstanding life expectancy and rich and full colours, even in daylight. At the end of the day, this projector's advanced technology provides between twenty and thirty thousand projection hours with the same brightness and the same contrast in each and every frame.”