Phénix Labels achieves success with wine labels thanks to SurePress

Epson helps the Phénix rise

Phénix Labels achieves success with wine labels thanks to SurePress

It is no coincidence that Phénix Labels has the name it does. After struggling to maintain the family printing business, while encountering resistance to innovation, Jean-Pierre Le Brun started his own company 28 years ago.

This strategy was proven right, as the company managed to enter the wine and perfume markets while still producing high volumes of labels for farm produce. 

Le Brun has consistently found ways to develop his business in the wine label sector and the food industry. There is also growing emphasis on local and regional business, meaning shorter print runs, bespoke services and greater responsiveness.

With these demands in mind, Le Brun decided to invest in a SurePress L-4033A. "I took a look at all the manufacturers, and the Epson press offered the best value. No one doubts the quality of Epson, and the price was right for me to go into the digital market. I was perfectly happy with the speed of the machine, and I was also after something that was quick to maintain."

Print quality is the most important factor

A lot of companies are focused on print speed above all else, but Phénix understands that quality is just as important, if not more so, especially when producing labels with a high finish.

Jean-Pierre Le Brun says, "I took my time examining product quality with all the presses on the market, and I chose SurePress because it appeared to be the inkjet press that provided the best quality. On top of that, it can print on unlayered media, making it very easy to use and highly flexible."

According to Le Brun, day-to-day operation of the press and the support provided by Epson come as a bonus. "The financial transparency of Epson, in terms of investment, operating costs and maintenance, make SurePress the perfect solution for branching out into digital work in a big way at less cost. It also guarantees that production quickly becomes profitable, and it enables me to consider new ways to develop my business."

"As well as all this," he continues, "we live in an increasingly virtual world, but human contact still counts for a great deal, and I have an excellent relationship with my Epson manager. Not only do I get professionalism, quality and speed of response from the Epson maintenance department, with which I am entirely satisfied, but I also get a guarantee that my production tools will always be operational."

Phénix has experienced noticeable growth since the arrival of the SurePress. "Interest in our debut in digital printing has come about almost entirely through word-of mouth," explains Jean-Pierre Le Brun, "we didn't have to twist anyone's arm."

New technology leads to new contracts

One thing has led to another. By creating a graphics studio within the company to meet the needs of customers who do not have design departments, Phénix was able to take on these duties for retailers and vineyards.

In the year following the first installation, Jean-Pierre Le Brun took the plunge and bought a second press, this time opting for the SurePress L-4033AW. "I was happy with the press, it worked well on structured paper, which is often used in the wine industry. On top of that, I have made economies of scale – using the same inks, the same software, the same maintenance – all at the right price."

Le Brun is also very interested in using the SurePress L-6034VW for printing high-quality film labels using UV inks in the future, thanks to previous experience producing film labels on Epson printers. "My SurePress L-4033 already works wonders on film," he comments. "The Phénix team of twenty employees are now fully trained in digital printing, and they understand this is the future for label companies like ours."

The speed with which Epson presses have spread throughout  the French print market stands testimony to this, with over twenty presses sold over the past two years. Epson is now one of the leading companies in the inkjet label market in France.