Renowned artist chooses an Epson ITS printer to create his masterpieces

Gallery MOMO presents "Home" by Jonathan Hindson

Renowned artist chooses an Epson ITS printer to create his masterpieces

Epson ITS printers offer reliable, long-lasting prints, imperative to the longevity of any art piece.

South Africa-born artist Jonathan Hindson recently visited his land of birth during a residency at Gallery MOMO, Johannesburg ahead of his exhibition titled “Home.”

Having lived in France for over 30 years and originally working in photo-engraving and graphic design, Hindson was introduced to Epson printers early in his career when he visted the Digigraphie Studio in Bordeaux, France – and started working with Epson after some initial trial and error experiences. However, it was only when he decided to move from a digital space into a textile art space that he came to be a loyal Epson customer.

Reliable, long-lasting prints

When moving from digital to printed artwork, Hindson looked for a printer that would provide the photo-quality prints with true-to-life colour inks that are so imperative to his artwork.

Before trying Epson printers, he worked with a few other printer and ink brands. However, he found that their inks did not fully match the colours in his original photos, and the inks would begin to fade after long periods of time.

It was only once he visited the Digigraphie studio in Bordeaux, France, and the owner recommend he try an Epson photo printer, that Hindson has never looked back.

Epson is put to the test

Hindson’s artworks are created through a long process of layered deconstruction. A selected image is divided into 20 or more A4 pages, and then printed onto Epson A4 photo-paper. The split images are then glued over a map onto a board and undergo deconstruction using paint, water and varnish, until the true images are revealed.

Having used an Epson SC-7880 printer for the past 20 years, Hindson is loyal to the Epson brand. “The Epson inks are the only ones that provide the colours and longevity that I need in my artwork,” he says. “The inks undergo a lot of stress, and I find that Epson inks stay true to their nature, even after a lot of treatment. I cannot risk working with lower quality inks, as I need to be sure that an artwork that is bought in 2015 is going to look the same in 2020 and beyond.”

Epson provides the solution

In March 2015, the Epson South Africa office held the launch of its ITS photo printers at Gallery MOMO, Johannesburg. In an exchange for their gallery space, Tribeca, the public relations agency for Epson South Africa, arranged that Epson assist two of Gallery MOMO’s resident artists with an Epson ITS printer, ink and photo paper.

Having been loyal to the Epson brand for many years and familiar with its four colour printers, Hindson was more than happy to work with one of the newly launched ITS photo printers. The local office also supplied Hindson with 13 packs of Epson 102mmg A4 photo paper and printer ink. The Epson L365 printer four-colour printer satisfied his quality standards, providing a similar end product to his printer back home in Bordeaux.

The Epson L365 and materials

The Epson L365 is ideal for small businesses and home office users looking for good quality, ultra-low-cost printing, scanning and copying with WiFi capabilities.  Users can print more pages at a lower cost, with its high-capacity ink tanks.

The Epson 102mmg photo paper is ideal for artists using a variety of materials for their artwork. The thinness of the photo paper is essential to ensure that minimal excess of the paper removed.

“The ITS printer has been amazing,” said Hindson, remarking that he would have had to replace over 10 printer cartridges by the halfway mark of his residency. “Cost is a big factor for me as an artist, and I cannot afford to waste. Working with an Epson ITS printer is definitely more convenient and budget-friendly than working with cartridge-based printers.”

In addition to its cost-saving benefits, Hindson has also enjoyed the high quality prints of the Epson L365 printner. “Epson has always been about quality, but after having worked with ITS photo printer, I can notice the sharpness and clarity in my high resolution prints even more.”

The way forward

Hindson’s exhibition is being showcased at Johannesburg’s Gallery MOMO in Parktown North from 19 November 2015 until mid-January 2016.

After his experience with the Epson L365 ITS printer, Hindson has said that will consider buying one when his current Epson printer, the SC-7880, reaches the end of its life span, as the cost saving elements of the ITS system make it particularly appealing.