Projector Colour Light Output (CLO)

There’s a reason epson sell more projectors than anyone else.

Why? Brightness. We measure the Colour Light Output (CLO) instead of only measuring the white. High CLO means everything’s bright. In fact colours are up to three times brighter3 than 1-chip DLP projectors.

Epson World Leader in Projectors Up to 3x Brighter Colours

Brighter images in the classroom
could give better results

When it comes to grabbing the attention of students in the classroom, it’s sometimes an uphill battle. But have you ever considered that it might, in part, be down to the technology you’re using? In particular your projector, which may not be as bright or as colourful as you think. With Epson projectors, brighter images will lead to brighter, more engaging classes.

CLO whitepaper

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9/10 people say Epson is brightest, with the most vivid colours.

Don’t just take our word for it. In a blind test conducted with an Epson projector against five other 1-chip DLP brands with similar quoted lumens of white light, 95 per cent of people surveyed agreed that the Epson projector had the most vivid colours and 98 per cent of people surveyed agreed that we have the brightest picture overall1.

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What is Colour Brightness
or Colour Light Output (CLO)?

Colour is an important part of image quality. That’s why a projector’s colour brightness, given in lumens, is important to know. If it’s not as high as the white brightness, images are duller and colours may appear washed out. Measure the brightness of the red, green and blue light and the resulting value is your Colour Brightness or Colour Light Output (CLO).

What is colour brightness?

Why does Colour Brightness
or CLO matter to me?

Digital projectors produce colour in different ways. This means big differences in their colour brightness. Many manufacturers only quote the brightness in lumens of their projectors’ white light. This just shows how bright a projector is when showing a plain white image; it doesn’t give the full picture.

Brighter sparks - CLO in education

Top 10 benefits of CLO

Illustration: Epson Colour Brightness
Colour Brightness - 2,800
White Brightness - 2,800
3LCD projector
Illustration: Epson Colour Brightness (comparison)
Colour Brightness - 700
White Brightness - 2,700
1-chip DLP projector

You get three times brighter
colours with Epson business
and education projectors2

Because of the way the technology works, 1-chip DLP projectors have colour brightness that is significantly lower than the white light and this can mean duller images with colours that may appear washed out. Thanks to our 3LCD technology, with Epson projectors you always get an equally high white brightness and colour brightness for bright images with vivid colours, that are three times brighter2.

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CLO technology fact sheet

Illustration: 3x Brigher
FAQs and Glossary

The importance of colour

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The Science Behind Colour Light Output

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Compare the colour light output

CLO is a new standard that gives buyers additional data with which to compare projectors.

Epson example

Epson Projector

Epson projector*

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    1-Chip DLP example

    Competitor Projector

    Competitors projector**

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      Epson Projector
      Epson Projector 1

      Colour brightness

      2400 lumens

      White brightness

      2400 lumens

      * Specifications for Colour Brightness and White Brightness are provided by many manufacturers and published by

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      Competitor Projector
      Competitor Projector 1

      Colour brightness

      2500 lumens

      White brightness

      600 lumens

      ** These manufacturers do not provide a Colour Brightness specification for these models. This data was obtained from independent third party laboratory testing of a unit according to the international standard for measuring Colour Brightness, IDMS 15.4.

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      Digital Projector Colour Light Output (CLO)

      Digital Projector Colour Light Output (CLO)