Explore Epson products that help make the lives of legal and accounting personnel easier, from scanners and projectors to printers, label makers and print managed services.


Time and efficiency are vital to the legal and accounting profession. Let us take the pain out of managing paper and displaying information.

Accurate planning is rewarded with sharp delivery.

The legal and accounting functions are the lifeblood of business. They ensure a business is operating efficiently and conducting itself professionally. We appreciate the demands of compliance and tailor our solution accordingly.

Accountability is vital

From ethics to regulations, accountability demands transparency and a paper trail. We developed our technology to ensure reporting is timely and that we deliver pinpoint accuracy in our scanners and Document Capture Software. Make workflow smooth and integrate paper effectively.

  • Use time effectively

    Let us save you time - our reliable printers eliminate downtime and are low maintenance.

  • Save money on printing

    Reduce spend on your printer fleet - our inkjets cut your cost per page by up to 50%1.

  • Control supplies costs

    For visibility into costs and to simplify ordering supplies use our Managed Print Service.

  • Clear presentations

    Convey all the detail in your electronic documents with bright, sharp, high-resolution images.

  • Organise filing

    When you absolutely have to manage paper or post our label makers make it intuitive and fast.

  • Simplify processes

    To digitise paper, our scanners and plug-ins integrate seamlessly into your workflow system.

  • Make file sharing easy

    Distributing revision-proof data digitally is never a headache with our disc publisher.

  • 1) Comparison made against the top 10 A4 Colour Laser Printers & MFPs sold in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, & UK in Q1 2013 tracked by IDC; Cost per page is calculated from manufacturers' official list prices (when available) for toner cartridges and published yields in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK as of June 2013.