Epson Compact Vision CV2-SA

Epson Compact vision CV2-SA-- middle processor speed
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Epson Compact Vision CV2-SA
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Epson Compact Vision (CV2-SA) – middle processor speed, without PC

• No computer is required to process images.

• For requirements such as short cycle times and an extremely high camera resolution (more than 1.3 MP).

• Combine with up to 4 GigE cameras and 2 USB cameras, mobile or stationary.

• Option of high-speed communication via Giga-Ethernet.

• High-speed communication between robot and Machine Vision within milliseconds

• Shorter development time due to integration into RC+ 7.0 development environment

• Easy and comfortable drag-and drop programming without additional complicated editors

• Finding of parts even in varying light conditions thanks to different tools such as Blob Analysis,

Geometric and Polar Search and many more


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