DS Transfer Multi-Purpose 162cm x 91.4m

Quick-drying for rigid materials

SKU: C13S045452

Paper Weight: 105 g/m²

DS Transfer Multi-Purpose 162cm x 91.4m

Versatile, easy-to-use dye-sublimation transfer paper that's perfect for producers of rigid materials – such as iPhone covers, aluminium, wood and ceramics – the DS Transfer Multipurpose Paper is all about productivity. A medium-weight, quick-drying, breathable dye-sub transfer paper, it achieves photographic results and is available in long-length rolls for maximum cost-effectiveness.


DS Transfer Multipurpose Paper is designed specifically for decorative ink transfer to hard substrates. However, it's versatile, also working with polyester-based textiles. It's compatible with Epson UltraChrome DS inks and Epson's SureColor SC-F6000, SC-F7000 and SC-F7100 digital dye sublimation printers. It also works with third-party RIP systems for maximum business flexibility.

Easy to use

Thanks to its 105g/m2 weight, DS Transfer Multipurpose Paper remains stable during ink transfer and is resistant to rippling. Colour profiles are available for well-known third-party RIPs.

Boosts productivity

Since it uses a quick-drying coating - optimised for hard substrates - this paper will save you valuable time. Long-length rolls make it economical for all low-to-medium producers using dye-sub transfer paper on soft and rigid materials.

Waste less ink

Boasting a high ink transfer, DS Transfer Multipurpose Paper consistently ensures low ink wastage levels, which helps keep production consistent and economical.

Breathable design

Specially designed to have a breathable structure, ink vapour disperses through the paper during the image transfer process, which results in sharper, clearer images.

Tech Specs

Product features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

SKU: C13S045452
  • Technology

    Paper Category
    Paper Type
    DS Transfer Multipurpose
    Paper Range
    Graphic Arts - Dye Transfer Sublimation Papers
    Paper Application
    Paper Size
    1,620 mm x 91.4 m
    Paper Weight
    105 g/m²
  • Media

    Basic weight
    105 g/m2 ISO 0536
    150 µm ISO 0534
    Core Size
    3" (76.2mm)
    Base Material
    Surface / Paper Type