Epson Document Capture Pro

Epson Document Capture Pro


To help boost businesses’ productivity, Epson is offering its own software package for free download. Providing document management for business users, seamlessly integrating almost all Document management Systems and cloud services. Document Capture Pro is ideal for the modern office.

Epson Document Capture Pro

Documment Management System

These versatile solutions suit everyone from the beginner to the advanced user, offering many scan-to functions, including scan-to-cloud, FTP and Microsoft SharePoint, with the ability to handle batch separation, barcode recognition and zonal OCR support. And, as Epson offers a self developer kit, you can add plug-ins to your DMS or cloud services to suit your business.

No special training is required to get started, as Document Capture Pro client has an intuitive interface which is quick to master. For ease-of-use it has advanced document imaging features and support all common file formats, including BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PDF and PDF/A.

Document Capture Pro Server addresses companies who are looking for advanced push scan functions, sharing devices between wo-workers and departments eliminating the time consuming need to install software on individual workstations. Whichever hardware solution you choose, be assured that they are delivered with the perfect solution for converting multiple pages and large batches of paper into an electronic format.

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