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Epson EB-410W [240v] with Educ Lamp Warranty

The Epson EB-410W is ideal for use in interactive teaching with whiteboards. With bright clear colours this easy-to-use projector allows wide-screen presentations at a very short projection distance.

The Epson EB-410W is perfect for installation with interactive whiteboards. Teachers can capture notes and instantly save, publish, print and email, improving interactivity with students.

Maximise space for teachers and students. Easy to install and to monitor, this ultra-short throw projector is able to display a sharply focused 60" picture from a distance of just 62 cm from the projection surface, eliminating shadow effects caused by people and objects in front of the screen.

The Epson EMP MonitorTM software enables you to remotely configure and operate the projector over your network. You can even set an e-mail alert for the internal temperature of your projector, or to monitor lamp status, in order to prevent any possible problems disrupting your presentations.

The Epson EB-410W is designed and produced in compliance with Epson´s environmental policy. It allows you to display on a screen of up to 110 inches and consumes much less power than large flat-panel televisions. This means you can save both energy and costs. It also boasts improved lamp life, a sleep timer function, paint-free design and recyclable packaging.

Key Features

  • Minimises power consumption when not in use (timer functions, rapid power on/off)
  • Reduces pollution: no paint used in manufacture, 100% recyclable packaging
  • Provides clear visibility in light rooms and saves money: our low-wattage
  • E-TORL Lamp lasts up to 4000 hours.

Download additional information

Epson EB-410W [240v] with Educ Lamp Warranty Datasheet / Brochure
Epson EB-410W [240v] with Educ Lamp Warranty

Tech Specs

Product features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Image

    WXGA, 1280 x 800, 16:10
    Contrast Ratio
    500 : 1
    ETORL, 170 W, 3,000 h durability
  • Optical

    Projection Ratio
    0.48 - 0.65:1
  • Connectivity

    Wired Network
  • General

    Product dimensions
    258‎ x 327 x 95 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
    Product weight
    3.6 kg
    10 Watt


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