A collaboration in interactive learning

Inspire your students with engaging and dynamic lessons.

Inspiring education together

Motivating and engaging the next generation of students can be achieved by making collaboration and interactivity central to the learning environment. That’s why Epson, in partnership with SMART, is introducing two new packages for education. Create a dynamic classroom with a selection of interactive solutions including Epson’s market-leading projectors, SMART Board® interactive whiteboards and SMART Notebook® collaborative learning software.

A wealth of resources

Every teacher wants to give their students the optimal learning experience and getting access to top quality teaching materials is a core part of that process. Using resources that have been thoroughly tried and tested, and developed specifically for the education sector, will give teachers the support they need to create an outstanding classroom environment. This is why we’ve collaborated with SMART. With access to more than 60,000 lesson resources and an online community of educators, it's easy to see why SMART Notebook is used in over 2.4 million1 classrooms worldwide.

Flexible solutions for effective learning

The classroom environment is constantly in flux, and so teachers need adaptable resources at their disposal to create engaging and effective lessons. SMART Notebook collaborative learning software allows teachers to quickly create and merge dynamic, lesson content to bring out the very best in their students. Teachers can bring ideas to life with SMART Notebook. They can easily insert informative YouTube videos with integrated search functionality or interact with their own pictures created with a SMART document camera.

Collaborative and interactive learning environment

Getting students together to collaborate in their learning experience has proven to be an effective method of teaching. Ideas can be shared and explored together, with the teacher leading the classroom from their tablet, and students participating from their mobile devices. Pupils can play an active part in the learning process through interactive brainstorming sessions captured using SMART Notebook's interactive concept maps.

Why choose Epson and SMART Notebook?

By choosing Epson and SMART, you’re choosing a solution that combines the world’s number one2 projectors with interactive software trusted by 2.4 million classrooms1.

Create a clever classroom using effective interactive tools and a flexible solution.

Save on preparation time with access to over 60,000 curriculum-aligned resources, developed for interactive learning.

Introduce skills for life with the integration of valuable first and third-party applications and devices.

Benefit from greater creative flexibility with intuitive tools to help you quickly and easily create and deliver engaging lessons with immediate impact.

Keep control remotely with supported tablet devices and apps, and interact in real-time with on-screen content.

Save and share in an instant and support student learning at their own pace, in or out of the classroom.

Achieve better results with two providers of world-class technological solutions.

Find new ways to think with interactive brainstorming and planning tools that encourage independent discovery and collaborative learning.

Flexible packages for dynamic classrooms

Introduce Epson projectors and SMART's education solutions to your learning environment to enhance student learning and understanding by giving them the freedom to explore, discover and learn for themselves.

Epson interactive projector package

When you buy a selected Epson interactive projector you will receive a one-year license for SMART Notebook® software with one year of Notebook Advantage support.

Buy one of the Epson projectors listed below, and receive an activation code for SMART Notebook® software, with one year maintenance and support, for use on up to four computers or laptops. Epson's new ultra-short-throw projectors combine finger-touch3 and dual pen capability for ultimate interactivity. A higher brightness level of up to 3,300 lumens, plus WXGA, means you can present large images from a very short distance, minimising shadows and glare. Epson projectors included within this package are:

  • EB-710Ui
  • EB-696Ui
  • EB-695Wi
  • EB-685Wi
  • EB-680Wi
  • EB-675Wi
  • EB-536Wi

Epson/SMART integrated IWB system

Selected Epson projectors are specially designed to work with SMART Board M600 and 800 series interactive whiteboards.

Offering full compatibility, you can control projector power, volume and input select using the integrated SMART Extended Control Panel (ECP). The projectors can also be used to update legacy SMART all-in-one systems4, allowing you to retain the use of the fully integrated ECP system.

Epson’s brightest short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors deliver high-quality classroom presentations with fewer shadows. With up to 3,300 lumens they produce large, widescreen images from a very short distance.

Epson projectors available as part of this integrated system are:

  • EB-685WS
  • EB-680S
  • EB-530S

Compatible main units

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  1. http://education.smarttech.com/en/products/notebook
  2. Largest unit share of the market for 500-lumen and higher projectors. (Survey conducted by Futuresource Consulting Limited for the period from 2001 to 2015.)
  3. Finger-touch available on the EB-595Wi only.
  4. Compatible with the SMART Board M600 and 800 series interactive whiteboards.

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