What does sustainability mean to you? Our photo ambassadors reveal the truth behind their photos.

How does photography capture the truth about sustainability?

We asked some of our photo ambassadors what the truth about sustainability means to them. Discover from each of them how each photo conveys the moment, the story, the subject, the location and above all, the photographer's desire to communicate the truth.

Rory Lewis

Rory is a British portrait photographer who has spent over a decade capturing many of the world’s most recognised faces including William Shatner, David Cameron, Sir Derek Jacobi, Iain Glen and Natalie Dormer. His images have been exhibited on both sides of the Atlantic, and several of his iconic portraits have been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in London. Rory divides his time between London and Los Angeles, working with a wide variety of clients. He draws inspiration from the masters of art including Hans Holbein the Younger, Titian, Caravaggio and Jusepe de Ribera.

Jakub Kaźmierczyk

A commercial and portrait photographer from Poland, Jakub seeks out the most creative studio and location opportunities. His work for well-known brands has featured in various advertising campaigns and he runs photography courses and workshops.

Carlos Castro

Spanish photographer, Carlos is a part time professional photographer, alongside his job in the IT industry. His passion is landscape and nature photography and he teaches photography master classes and workshops in Spain.

Craig Howes

South African photographer and film maker Craig Howes is renowned for his evocative travel photographs, taken on his explorations around the world. He has won numerous photographic awards during his career, the most recent being ‘World’s Leading Safari Influencer’ in 2020.

Heidi Hansen

Heidi is a Norwegian geologist with a passion for nature, adventure and photography. Her work for clients includes portraits, advertising and product photography and has been published in international magazines, books and greetings cards.

Jakub Fišer

Jakub is a Czech photographer with a passion for travel and photography. He participates in photo seminars and trade fairs and runs his own photography courses.

Martin Dörsch

Martin is a teacher and content creator from Austria. He heads the master class in photography at the FH St.Pölten and is an exclusive trainer for LinkedIn Learning.

Marco Crupi

Marco is a professional photographer, influencer and blogger from Sicily. Originally specialising in landscape and reportage, he now covers all photographic genres. He’s the author of the bestselling photography manual ‘Eye, Mind and Heart’ and works for international print and online publications.

Luis Afonso

Luís has twice won first prize in the Portuguese Nature Photographer of the Year competition in the categories Landscape and Art. Based in Lisbon, he’s a teacher, photographic tour leader and regular speaker at Portugal’s nature photography festivals. Luís has published two books and his content has appeared in publications such as National Geographic, Visão, Wilder and Super Interessante.

Rodrigo Rivas

Rodrigo is a professional photographer from Madrid. He has over ten years’ experience in the documentary and street photography sector. He’s the author of three books for Anaya Photoclub publishers and in addition to his freelance photography work, is a trainer for companies on the use of images in marketing.

Rui Gaiola

Rui Gaiola is a Portuguese freelance photographer dedicated to commercial, nature and travel photography. His work has won praise from National Geographic Portugal, Observador magazine and Público (P3). His book “I wish I could drive these roads forever” features photos from Portugal, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland and the US and he was recognised as 2020 Instagrammer of the Year by Gerador Magazine.

Antoine Gaussin

Antoine lives and works in Brussels, where he first became a journalist and then studied photography in order to illustrate his own articles. After a series of major reports in countries around the world, he set up his own studio devoted to corporate and architectural photography. He exhibited his work for the first time in 2013 and went on to collaborate with a number of galleries.

Tiina Haring

Finnish photographer, Tiina Haring opened her first studio in 2005, concentrating mainly on portrait photography. Although she has since shifted more to commercial photography, she considers herself at heart to be a ‘people photographer’. Through her company Rouva Musta, Tiina helps companies to build brands and visual concepts and also takes part in exhibitions each year, working on personal projects focused on nature, femininity, ecology, resources and society. Tiina also leads courses teaching vocational photography.

Jonathan Bertin

Jonathan is a French photographer who travels the world, sharing his adventures on social media. Always in search of new experiences, he captures different environments around the world with a curious gaze. In his approach, he often questions the place of humans in the environment and our relationship to it. His work allows him to explore environmental issues in great depth, which inspired his lifestyle and way of traveling.

Mihnea Ratte

Mihnea is a former geology and painting enthusiast, actor and journalist from Romania. He discovered photography 14 years ago as a passion and today it represents his lifestyle, work and best way of self-expression. The photography themes he is most renowned for are events and portraits but in the last few years he has expanded into food, corporate and advertising.

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