Epson announces new compact point-of-sale printer for cheque processing and receipt printing

New TM-H6000V offers improved reliability, useful connectivity features and a low total cost of ownership

Epson announces new compact point-of-sale printer for cheque processing and receipt printing

Epson has announced the launch of a new compact point-of-sale printer capable of receipt printing, slip printing and cheque processing in one unit, and offering improved reliability, useful connectivity features and a very low total cost of ownership. The TM-H6000V is aimed at shops and other businesses that require cheque-processing facilities at point of sale, and want to print receipts with the same unit, as well as pharmacies that need to add prescription information to prescription forms.

The TM-H6000V prints at speeds up to 350mm/s¹, offers faster cheque processing than its predecessor, and has a faster auto-cutter, a selection of improvements that help businesses boost overall efficiency. It also helps minimise downtime with improved reliability. The thermal printer is now effective for 200km of receipts, while its auto-cutter is capable of three million cuts.

The printer is flexible enough to adapt to the demands of  a modern retail environment, with new features including Server Direct Print (SDP) to permit web-based printing, as well as multiple interfaces for tablet and PC coexistence. ePOS-Print, ePOS-display and NFC tagging allow simple and quick tablet POS set-up, for businesses moving into tablet-based POS.

Roberto Peris, product manager, Epson Europe, says, “Though cheque use is dropping in many areas, in countries such as France, customers are still very keen to pay by cheque, and Epson is there to support retailers who accept cheques with point-of-sale solutions that combine cheque processing with the latest ePOS features. The new TM-H6000V adds a range of connectivity features such as coexistence and tablet POS readiness to durable, reliable cheque processing and receipt printing.”

The TM-H6000V is available from 1 May 2018.

Key features:

  • ePOS-Print and ePOS-Display prints and displays in XML format to support web and tablet-based applications

  • Server Direct Printprints and display data from an external server

  • Triple interface (USB/Ethernet/UIB) for maximum flexibility²

  • Coexistence allows printer to run both PC POS and tablet and web-based systems simultaneously

  • NFC enables quick Bluetooth pairing and printer selection

  • Printhead life of 200km, or 200 million pulses (33% longer than previous model)

  • Auto-cutter life of 3 million cuts (50% longer than previous model)

  • Visual error notification allows the user to easily ascertain the exact problem

  • Save up to 47% of your receipt paper with ARP (Automatic Reduction of Paper)

  • RTC (Real Time Clock) for secure connections using https protocol

  • Up to 350mm/s print speed¹

  • Faster auto-cutter for quicker service

1. Maximum print speed may not be achieved depending on the paper utilised, type of interface, data transmission conditions and combination of commands. The default setting is 300mm/s.
2. Built-in USB and Ethernet interfaces, with additional options of serial, parallel, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interfaces

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