High-speed mono MFP meets demand for reliable, high-volume printing

Epson’s latest A3 business inkjet delivers printing at 100ppm for specialist high-volume use cases, such as logistics

High-speed mono MFP meets demand for reliable, high-volume printing

Epson has announced the latest addition to its range of superfast eco-efficient business inkjet printers. The WorkForce Enterprise WF-M20590D4TWdelivers dedicated high-speed mono printing for specialist, high-volume environments with reliable results for continuous print runs. It does this while using up to 82% less energy than laser competitors 1.

Umardeep Sappal, product manager, Epson Europe, says: “The latest Enterprise model delivers speed where it’s needed, reliably delivering document after document in highly demanding environments such as logistics warehouses or central reprographics departments. For example, the performance and reliability of Epson technology means that waybills, printed in high quality, can be issued with every delivery, ensuring packages reach the right place, at the right time, allowing customers to check contents, without fail.”

The inkjet linehead that delivers very high speeds and print quality is designed around scalable technology that Epson first used in industrial systems, such as large-scale label presses. The remarkable linehead design, measuring just 43mm wide and containing approximately 8,676 black nozzles, offers outstanding misfire detection and variable size droplet technology to reduce banding. This compact but incredible level of detail not only enhances performance; it also provides speed and reliability for highly productive teams where downtime is not an option. Users can print up to 120K pages in black without replenishing ink, enabling high-volume continuous print runs.

To further enhance the printer’s quality, Epson has incorporated several technology innovations, including a self-repairing printhead to eliminate banding and an electrostatic transport belt to maintain quality at high speed. Barcode mode assists in printing sharp edges.

The optional 3,000-sheet high-capacity paper tray delivers a 5,350-sheet max paper input, while a 4,000-sheet stapler/stacker finishing unit helps improve efficiency, saving time and effort. In addition, the WF-M20590D4TW is compatible with a wide-range of solutions such as Epson Print Admin, Document Capture Pro and other third-party solutions add additional functionality using Epson Open Platform – from remote management to accounting and pull printing solutions .

Available from June 2019.

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