WorkForce Enterprise WF-C20590



Print high-quality documents at superfast 100ppm speeds with this reliable and environmentally friendly departmental colour A3 business MFP

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WorkForce Enterprise WF-C20590

Key Features

Where power meets efficiency

  • Productivity
    at high speed

  • No compromise
    on print quality

  • Built for

  • Sustainability

  • Productivity at high speed:

    Less intervention for more productive printing

    Fast printing: Print up to almost 3x faster for FPOT2; 2.5x times faster than colour laser printers2; and at speeds of up to 100ppm, with high-speed dual scan

    Instant availability: Get printing quickly with no warm-up time needed

    Fewer consumable changes: Enjoy a high paper capacity of 5,350 sheets, and print up to 100K black or 50K colour pages without replenishing ink

    Reduced downtime: Having far fewer parts than equivalent laser-based MFDs, it delivers higher reliability and significantly increase printer uptime, as well taking advantage of simple functions, contactless printing and a cool process that uses no heat

    More opportunities: Take advantage of incredible media flexibility

    Proven technologies: Innovate with advancements, like PrecisionCore technology

    Comprehensive support: Achieve peace of mind with a selection of service and support packages

    Less waste: More environmentally friendly printing

    Eliminated toner dust: Epson’s liquid ink delivers excellent results

  • No compromise on print quality:

    Impeccable quality, impressive speed

    PrecisionCore and Nozzle Verification technologies deliver and maintain a high print quality

    Linehead inkjet technology eliminates banding while delivering high speeds

    The electrostatic transport belt ensures paper is completely flat

    DuraBrite Pro pigment inks for fast drying pages

  • Built for business:

    Tools and functionality tailored to business demands

    Smart-device mobile printing and scanning with NFC

    Smartphone-like UI

    Printing language compatibility including PDL (PCL 5/6, PostScript 3, PDF), ESC/P-Raster

    Complete paper-handling options with a high paper capacity and finisher

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  • Sustainability:

    Reduce your footprint while increasing your profitability

    Double your print speed at less than half the power consumption1

    Uses up to 88% less energy consumption2

    Enjoy low energy consumption, powered from a standard socket

    Eliminate toner dust with Epson’s liquid ink: meets the ISO standard for clean rooms to Level 5

    Significantly reduce waste with fewer parts to replace and high-capacity cartridges

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  • Linehead for 100PPM

    Despite its energy efficiency, performance is not compromised. The inkjet linehead that delivers very high speeds and print quality is designed around scalable technology that Epson first used in industrial systems, such as large-scale label presses. The remarkable new linehead design, measuring just 43mm wide and containing approximately 33,500 nozzles, offers outstanding misfire detection and variable size droplet technology to reduce banding.

  • Automatic Nozzle Misfire Detection

    With 33,500 nozzles, ensuring consistent print quality is far from straightforward. Epson’s Nozzle Verification technology, which uses piezo-crystal elements, helps to automatically detect and correct without interruption.

  • The power of inkjet

    Unlike heat-based systems, which come with material limitations, Epson’s PrecisionCore technology allows for more colourful and durable ink formulations on a wide range of substrates.

  • Options

    With a 5,350-sheet max paper input with optional paper feed, a 4,000-sheet finisher unit with stapling and no warm-up time required, you can run jobs without interruption. Prints are ready the moment you get to the printer – helping to maintain optimum productivity when you need it most.

    • 4,000 sheet finisher unit available with stacking and stapling

    • 5,850 sheet max paper input with optional paper feed

    • Available on both the 75ppm and 100ppm models

    Supplies and Ink Technology

    There really is no compromise. Thanks to Epson’s PrecisionCore linehead inkjet technology, liquid inks and efficient paper transport mechanism, you’re getting a reliable and fast multi-function printer that increases productivity overall without sacrificing quality

    • High-capacity ink cartridges: K = 2 x 50K, CMY = 50K

    • DURABrite Pro pigment ink offers the convenience and flexibility of sharp print quality delivered on multiple media types and grades

    • Nozzle Verification Technology ensures crisp, consistent print quality.

    Solutions and Integration

    Epson Open Platform

    Functionality that opens up a new world of possibilities.

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    Epson ISV Programme

    Building on the success of partnering with PaperCut, Epson is recruiting for its ISV partner programme, teaming the best of Epson hardware with added-value software.

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    Epson Device Admin

    Easily manage and control an entire fleet of printers and scanners remotely.

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    Epson Print Admin

    Give users the maximum level of productivity while promoting cost-reduction and environmentally responsible behaviour.

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    Epson Document Capture Suite

    Epson’s software and imaging technology saves time by cutting out steps and allowing you to scan to your workflow processes.

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    Simply, Pay Per Print

    Take control of your business’s printing
    expenses with Epson Print Performance.

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    Why make the switch?

    When you make the switch from laser printing to inkjet, you are not only choosing lower energy consumption, lower waste and reduced cost of ownership. You are also choosing a faster, high quality and high performance printer with multiple bottom-line benefits for your business.

    • Make the switch to inkjet

      If every business in Europe made the switch to Epson business inkjet printers it would save enough power to run at least 507,000 households.

      96% less energy than lasers

    • Say no to waste

      If every business in Europe switched to Epson Business Inkjet printers there would be a waste saving of at least 221,000.

      94% less waste than lasers

    • Choose the green printing alternative

      If every business in Europe switched to Epson Business Inkjet printers, the reduction in CO2 would be equivalent to the volume absorbed by at least 26.9 million trees.

      92% less CO2 than lasers

    • 3.5x faster than lasers

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    1. Typically 45-55ppm laser printers use 1500W, the WorkForce Enterprise has a low power consumption of 180W – 320W and prints at up to 100ppm.
    2. For more information please visit:
    3. To understand the calculations and how these savings can benefit your business please visit:
    4. The WorkForce Pro WF-C869RDTWF is based on an improved engine used for the WF-R8590DTWF.

      These claims are based on existing testing by BLI of the WF-R8590DTWF versus equivalent models as of April 2015.
      For more information, visit