How to Reset TM-L90 Paper Layout Settings


This document relates to the following products:

  • TM-L90 (all models) with firmware later than 1.04.


The Problem:

Setup of the TM-L90 can require applying special settings to accomidate media type and size. If the wrong setup is applied, this can cause issues such as unexpected feeding or media layout error.

For troubleshooting or when setting up the printer for a new media, it is useful to be able to reset the printer to the default factory condition.


The following procedure allows the onboard memory of the TM-L90 printer to be cleared of the current paper layout, and the factory default layout restored:

  1. Turn off power to the printer.
  2. Open the roll paper cover.
  3. Load roll paper.
  4. Hold down the FEED button (on the inside of cover, see figure 1 below) and turn on the power supply.


    Keep holding the feed button.

  5. When the ERROR LED comes on, release the FEED button.
  6. Press the FEED button four (4) times.
  7. Close the roll paper cover.
  8. After closing, wait a short while. The printer will automatically feed some paper.


    If feed does not occour, please carefully repeat steps 1-8.