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AcuLaser C1100, CX11N and CX21N: Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide


  1. Print quality issues.
  2. These models:  AcuLaser C1100, CX11N, CX21N and all variants.


This article aims to help you to diagnose and resolve specific print quality problems.

  • Match the problem you have with one of the examples, and then follow the advice in the linked article. You can also refer to the samples library for more images.

  • It is not possible to cover every potential print quality problem. If this article does not address your issue, search the Epson support website for a solution or see your product's reference guide.


  1. Print the colour test sheet to create a standardised print sample.

    1. The colour test sheet is a PDF document. To print it you will require Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, available free of charge from Adobe's website.

    2. Print the colour test sheet in portrait on plain, A4, 80gm2 laser media.

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  2. Compare your sample with the images and descriptions in this section to diagnose the problem.


    The colours in the examples vary due to the different ways in which the images have been produced, and will not match your colour test sheet exactly.


    Click on an image to view an enlarged version.

  1. General print quality troubleshooting.

    1. Issues that affect one colour only relate to the toner and/or developer of the relevant colour.

    2. Marks or other issues that always appear in the same place on an A4 page relate to the transfer belt part of the photoconductor unit (PCU).

    3. Using non-genuine consumable products may affect the operation of your printer. Epson recommend using genuine Epson consumables.

    4. Check the photoconductor unit (PCU), as excess toner in the unit can cause print quality issues.

    5. Check that you are using suitable media with the correct settings.

    6. Check your application and printer driver settings.

    7. If the issue remains, contact Epson for further advice.

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