Epson Photo Creator Privacy Policy

(Privacy Statement)

4 April, 2022


Seiko Epson Corporation, including subsidiaries and affiliated companies, (“Epson”,” We”,” Us” or "The Company") provides Epson Photo Creator ("the Service" or “this service”) to all users ("Users" or “you”). We believe that it is important to properly protect the information about users ("personal information") as a social responsibility and strive to handle personal information appropriately based on our personal information protection policy. As part of this, the handling of personal information ("Privacy Statement"), including matters that should be announced in accordance with the "Personal Information Protection Law," will be posted as follows.

Please also read the relevant EULA along with this privacy statement.

The controller and European representative

Seiko Epson Corporation is the controller of your personal information.

Seiko Epson Corporation
80 Harashinden, Hirooka,
Shiojiri-shi, Nagano-ken

The representative for Seiko Epson Corporation within the European Union is:

Epson Europe B.V.
Azië Building, Atlas Arena
Hoogoorddreef 5
1101BA Amsterdam Zuid
The Netherlands

1. Collection method and information collected

We collect personal information from users by the following methods. In order to improve the service, we may collect additional information other than those listed below, but we will notify the user before starting acquisition of additional information.

1-1. Collection of information

We will not collect any personal data such as name, e-mail address, but an identification number will be automatically generated and assigned to you in order for you to use the service.

The only personal data that will be processed are your pictures saved into the Epson Photo Creator.

1-2. Collecting information for understanding usage environment

We will not collect the environment infromation such as your OS, version number, product type and service pack.

1-3. Collecting information when a user accesses the service

When a user accesses this service, we will not collect information such as page browsing history as information regarding the user's behaviour and website usage history.

2. Legal basis and Purpose of use of personal information

The legal basis for this service is that it is necessary for the legitimate interests of Epson or companies within the Epson group in providing this service to you.

We use your personal information for the purpose of printing the photo books and photos that you ordered at the store.

We will use personal information within the scope of the purpose of use notified to you when acquiring personal information, or the following purpose ("purpose of use"). Except for the purpose of use, we will not use it unless it is described in "3. Sharing information to third parties" or with the prior consent of you.

3. Sharing information to third parties

We will not provide personal information to third parties except with the consent of you. However, regarding the following cases, we may provide personal information to a third party.

3-1. About outsourcing to a third party

We may entrust all or part of the handling of personal information to a third party ("consignee") within the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use.

When entrusting, we will entrust personal information to the minimum extent necessary to carry out our business under strict control and will supervise the consignee as necessary and appropriate.

3-2. Use of information provided to the outside the company

We may provide statistical information to third parties so that we cannot identify individuals.

3-3. Transfer of data outside the European Economic Area (EEA)

Epson uses third parties to perform some processing activities on its behalf. Some or all of your personal information may be disclosed to them, but they are only permitted to use the disclosed data for the purposes for which Epson holds your information and in accordance with Epson’s directions.

Some of our external third parties are based outside the EEA so their processing of your personal data will involve a transfer of data outside the EEA.

Epson shares your personal data within Epson’s companies. This involves transferring your personal information outside the EEA.

Whenever Epson transfers your personal information outside the EEA, Epson ensures that a similar degree of protection is afforded to it by the implementation of at least one of the following safeguards:

  • Epson will only transfer your personal information to countries that have been deemed to provide an adequate level of protection for personal information by the European Commission. In 2019 Japan has been granted adequacy deal on Data Protection by the European Commission.

  • When Epson shares your personal information within Epson’s companies or uses certain third parties, Epson uses the Model contracts for the transfer of personal information to third countries approved by the European Commission, which give personal information the same protection it has in Europe.

4. Safety management of personal information

In order to properly manage personal information, Epson will supervise employees and will exercise due diligence to ensure proper management. In addition, personal information is kept accurate and up to date within the range necessary to achieve the purpose of use, and is safely managed by a server protected by a firewall, etc. to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc.

5. Contact point for personal information

For inquiries and complaints about personal information, please contact the following contact.

Contact point for personal information

80 Harashinden, Hirooka, Shiojiri-shi, Nagano-ken 399-0785
Epson Photobook Personal Information Protection Manager

*Inquiries regarding the use and consideration of this service and products cannot be answered at this window, so please inquire at the contact information for each product.

**Email inquired to the above address may be forwarded to European Data Protection Officer ( And European Data Protection Officer may have contact to you.

***Your email will be stored for up to 10 years or deleted. Personal data may be held for longer periods where extended retention periods are required by law or regulation and in order to establish, exercise or defend Epson’s legal rights.

Contact point if you reside in the European Economic Area. The European representative of the controller of the information and its European Data Protection Officer may be contacted by writing to:

Epson Europe B.V.
Azië Building, Atlas Arena
Hoogoorddreef 5
1101BA Amsterdam Zuid
The Netherlands

or, using E-mail:

6. Retention period, Exercise of your rights: disclosure, correction,, deletion, etc. of personal information

Your personal data are held in your mobile phone and in the relevant cloud server for the duration of the service. However, Epson does not have access to your data nor is able to identify your data.

You have full control of your data and you can delete your data at any time.

For security reason your data will be automatically deleted after two weeks you uploaded it in the Epson Photobook Creator.

When your data are printed at the printing shop through the Epson Mobile Order Manager your printed data will be automatically deleted from photo shop's device.

If you are an individual resident within the European Economic Area, Epson is subject to the legal requirements contained in the GDPR. In case you have any question as a “data subject” , please contact:

Epson Europe B.V.
Azië Building, Atlas Arena
Hoogoorddreef 5
1101BA Amsterdam Zuid
The Netherlands

or, using E-mail:

7. Compliance with laws and regulations / Revision of privacy statement

Epson manages and uses personal information in accordance with laws and regulations in Japan and any applicable data protection law (e.g. GDPR). We may revise the privacy statement in order to comply with changes in laws and regulations in Japan, to ensure the protection of personal information more securely, or for other reasons. We will inform you when updating.

8. Revision history

1st version: 4 April, 2022