New EU regulation on packaging disposal

Products have to be properly packed to be safely transported. This packaging and the associated waste generated is constantly growing, causing a strong impact on the environment and on the use of raw materials. In the last 10 years it is possible to estimate that in the EU, such waste has increased by 20% and, if we do not take action to stop this trend, a similar increase is forecasted by 2030.

That’s why the European Commission and the state members are issuing laws to reduce the single-use packaging and to increase the collect and recycle rate.

To help reduce packaging and waste, Epson Europe has invested in technology to recycle cardboard packaging, which is now shredded and used as filling for business to consumer (B2C) parcels. This change means we are no longer disposing of 12 tonnes of waste cardboard each year and we are reducing our environmental impact as we no longer need to purchase new filling material. Also, by working together with our customers, we have increased how many products we can fit on a pallet, meaning we have reduced the number of pallets used in our deliveries.

Here below you can find the link to each Epson sales company website for instructions to correctly collect and dispose of the material used for our products’ packaging.

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