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Service Description:

Epson offers the TSE Service to verify the validity of the certificate and general correctness of generated TAR archives for all Epson TSEs. Also, it allows to revoke the certificate of a Epson TSE.

The service offers the following functionality:

1. Certificate Information

On tab ‘Certification Information’, the current state of a certain TSE’s certificate can be queried. The data can be queried either by entering the TSE Serial Number or by uploading the ‘TSE_INFO.DAT’ file. The returned information includes the certificate expiration date, whether the TSE’s certificate has been revoked and if it has, the reason and the revocation date. Additionally, the certificate chain is returned.

2. TAR Archive Check

On tab 'TAR Archive Check', a TAR archive can be uploaded and checked for validity. Please note that the TAR archive must have been created by a TSE to pass validation.

Please note, that only the first 10kb of the selected file get uploaded, so it is perfectly fine to select a big TAR archive for upload, since its size will automatically be reduced during transfer.

3. Revoke Certificate

On tab ‘Revoke Certificate’, a TSE’s certificate can be revoked permanently. Revoking a certificate is recommended in case the TSE has been lost.

Revoking a certificate requires the TSE’s serial number and its revocation password, which is delivered to the customer as part of the delivery process of the TSE.

Please note that revoking a certificate can not be undone and has the consequence that tax inspections may not accept signatures made by this TSE from the date of revocation onwards.

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