An unknown USB device error occurs when connecting the ELPAP10 Wireless adapter



  • Epson ELPAP10 wireless adapter
  • Projector models:
    • EB-1980WU 
    • EB-1985WU
    • EB-1975W
    • EB-1970W
    • EB-595Wi
    • EB-585Wi
    • EB-575Wi
    • EB-585W
    • EB-575W
    • EB-580
    • EB-570
    • EB-536Wi
    • EB-535W
    • EB-525W
    • EB-530
    • EB-520
    • EB-S27
    • EB-X27
    • EB-X29
    • EB-W29
    • EB-98H
    • EB-945H
    • EB-955WH
    • EB-965H

The ELPAP07 wireless LAN adapter has now been replaced with the ELPAP10. If the firmware on your projector is not up to date it will display the below error message when connecting the ELPAP10 wireless LAN adapter.

If this error is shown refer to the table below to obtain the correct firmware and select an update method to allow communication with the ELPAP10.

There are three ways to update your projector firmware, click on the method you would like to use in the table below to get full instructions on how to install the firmware onto your projector:

  1. LAN using EasyMP
    • The firmware can be updated via a LAN connection, this can be useful for projectors that are difficult to access.
  2. USB Memory Stick
    • Updates the firmware using a USB memory stick directly connected to the projector.
  3. USB to a computer
    • Updates the firmware using a computer connected with a USB cable


Select from the table below, this will take you to the website where you can download the firmware.

Product Name firmware version required Firmware download
EB-1985WU 2.00 or later Download
EB-1975W Download
EB-1970W Download
EB-595Wi Download
EB-585Wi Download
EB-575Wi Download
EB-585W Download
EB-575W Download
EB-580 Download
EB-570 Download
EB-536Wi 1.14 or later Download
EB-535W Download
EB-525W Download
EB-530 Download
EB-520 Download
EB-S27 2.00 or later Download
EB-X27 Download
EB-X29 Download
EB-W29 Download
EB-98H Download
EB-945H Download
EB-955WH Download
EB-965H Download