SKU: V12H002AG0

Projection screen

  • Stylish Modern thin bezel design


Feel truly immersed and maximise your viewing experience at home, day and night, whether watching live sports, playing games or creating the cinematic experience. There is no limit to what you can watch and enjoy on this screen.

The Epson ELPSC36 slimline Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) screen enhances image quality in bright environments by reflecting light from the projector and rejecting ambient light. It's also compatible with the Epson EH-LS300B, EH-LS300W, EH-LS500B, EH-LS500W models.

Wide view angle

Maintain superior picture quality from whereever you are in the room as the bright image can be viewed not only from the front, but also from the sides.

Bigger size display but easier to move

Enjoy the flexibilty of using a UST projector with a large screen. This stylish and modern solution can be enjoyed around the house and moved to a different room.

Compatible Main Units

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