Save up to 30% ink1 with Epson’s individual ink cartridges.

For many years, Epson has promoted the benefits of individual inks over tri-colour cartridges. We understand that our customers don’t always print equal amounts of each colour and often, colours can run out at different times.

For example, if you’re printing holiday photos that have lots of clear blue skies, then naturally the cyan ink would need replacing sooner than the other colours. Alternatively, if you’re printing a university assignment with colour charts or images, then either the magenta or yellow ink could be used up first.

Printed Photos

With combined colour cartridges, you may end up throwing away the entire cartridge when just one colour runs out, meaning you also throw away any ink remaining in the other colours. But with Epson’s individual inks you only have to replace the colour used, saving you ink.

Colour Catridge Change

Epson’s individual ink cartridges offer up to a 30% saving1 compared to competitors’ tri-colour cartridges. So next time you’re considering buying a new printer, make sure you ask for a printer that uses Epson’s individual ink cartridges.

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Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow Inkdrop


Combined colour cartridges

With combined colour ink cartridges you replace the whole cartridge, meaning you could be throwing away unused ink.


Individual ink cartridges

With Epson individual ink cartridges you only replace the colour used, saving you ink.


Some things just work better together. That’s why Epson offers the complete printing solution of printer, ink and paper. For sharp everyday printing, and longer-lasting glossy photos, only genuine Epson ink and media guarantee the best quality for your Epson printer.

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Printer, Ink and Paper Combination

1 Based on testing carried out by BLI in June 2016, compared to equivalent competitor (HP and Canon) printer models (≤199.99€/£, using tri-colour cartridges) according to GFK data, June 2016. Weighting for Document and Photo printing applied based on TNS 'Printing Usage & Attitudes Study', June 2013.