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Get to know the new ProSix C-B Series

Improve your productivity with cutting-edge robot performance

The C-B series is designed to perform highly sophisticated tasks in an efficient way. With its built to fit concept, the robots are tailor made and used to fulfil even the most difficult tasks.
Equipped with the safety function, it not only increases machine safety, but at the same time, the space required by the machine and downtimes are reduced.

ProSix N-Series

Maximum efficiency, minimum footprint

Factory space costs money. The revolutionary new N-Series robot from Epson is extremely agile and occupies less space than any other 6-axis robot ever built.

ProSix VT6-Series

The cost-effective solution for repetitive tasks

With next-level technology, the VT6L all-in-one 6-axis robot is available at an incredibly low cost with 900mm reach, up to 6kg payload, built-in controller and easy-to-use software.

Ideal for various applications

Whether loading and unloading, machine tending, picking and placing, packaging and palletising, the VT6-L can be programmed to do it all, and offers a host of benefits in many different applications.


How do Epson 6-axis robots enhance production efficiency?

Epson 6-axis robots are versatile robotic systems crafted for industrial automation. They boost production by streamlining repetitive and quality-critical tasks, resulting in significant time and labour cost savings. These cost-effective robots start at just €13,608.

What makes Epson ProSix C-Series robots stand out, and how can they benefit my operations?

Epson ProSix C-Series robots are renowned for their precision and efficiency. Ideal for compact workspaces and seamless collaboration with other robots, these 6-axis machines excel in time-sensitive tasks, offering high-speed performance with precise path tracking. Their slim design makes them perfect for space-limited environments, and they provide a range of assembly options to cater to your specific operational needs.

Can you provide more details about the ProSix C8- Series compact 6-axis robots and their capabilities?

ProSix C8-Series compact 6-axis robots are engineered for high-performance tasks in a slender package. With the ability to handle payloads of up to 8kg, they are perfect for mid-sized assignments. Despite their payload capacity, they maintain a remarkably compact footprint, allowing them to efficiently tackle tasks in confined spaces without sacrificing performance. Whether you require precision or power for your automation needs, the ProSix C8-Series robots offer an attractive solution.

What distinguishes the Epson ProSix C12-Series compact 6-axis robot, and how can it benefit my operations?

Epson ProSix C12-Series compact 6-axis robots are designed to deliver outstanding performance in tight spaces, thanks to their slim profile. With an impressive 12kg payload capacity, they are well-suited for handling mid-sized tasks. Their minimal footprint makes them an excellent choice for applications where space is limited. The ProSix C12-Series seamlessly combines power and precision, offering a versatile solution for a variety of automation needs, allowing you to efficiently complete tasks without compromising on performance.

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1 Manipulators are set to “Table Top mounting” at shipment. To use the Manipulators as “Ceiling mounting”, you need to change the model settings. For details on how to change the model settings, refer to “C4 Manipulator 5.5 Changing the Robot”, and “EPSON RC+ User’s Guide Robot Configuration”.

2 Clean level(ISO14644-1): ISO Class 3

3 Main resin parts of the ESD model use conductive materials or apply plate processing. For the tip of the Manipulator (tool mounting part), we have confirmed that it is +/- 5 V or less even immediately after operating the measurement under our standard.

4 Clean level(ISO14644-1): ISO Class 4

5 To use the manipulators as “Ceiling mounting”, need to change the model settings on RC+ software.