Remote assistance software solutions, designed for Epson Moverio smart glasses, link field engineers and technicians with in-house experts. Information and instructions can be passed visually and verbally using live two-way communication to remedy complex issues.

Whether it’s a service, engineering or quality assurance task, the high-quality Moverio camera enables a detailed video feed that can be reviewed and annotated live over the user’s field of view. Remote technicians can even send documents and user guides straight to the smart glasses.

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Moverio Remote Assistance

How can a remote assistance solution benefit my company?

At Epson we partner with specialised independent software vendors (ISVs) to create a choice of off-the-shelf remote assistance solutions based on the Epson Moverio smart glasses platform. This enables our forward-thinking customers, who span a wide range of industries, to enhance their business operations with a remote assistance solution that suits them.

In the world of global operations, businesses are facing the challenge of meeting ever-increasing customer expectations across a broader customer base than ever before. A remote assistance solution based on the Epson Moverio platform closes the skill gap between service engineers, and the distance between businesses and their customers, thanks to advanced 'see what I see' technology.

Find a Remote Assistance software solution partner

Epson has established a specialised ecosystem of certified remote assistance solution providers. We've harnessed the knowledge of expert developers with the insight of service, manufacturing and telecoms industries. Select the Moverio product you’re interested in and get in touch with a certified software partner today.

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Discover what sets Epson Moverio devices apart from the competition

Epson's binocular Si-OLED micro display brings information to life

Epson’s Si-OLED micro display technology has been developed to produce sharp detail and vivid colours on a large see-through display, overlaid right in front of your eyes. Thanks to the contrast ratio of 500,000:1, unused display space appears truly transparent, and with an Full HD 1080p resolution, content can be overlaid onto the real world to create a high-quality Augmented Reality (AR) experience.

Enjoy the freedom of a hands-free display

Benefit from a lightweight and comfortable heads-up display that cannot be achieved by a smartphone or tablet. The glasses-style design is familiar and ergonomic, and allows the user to keep their hands free to interact with their surroundings, with greater speed, safety and efficiency.

Superior display size with improved eye comfort

Epson's binocular display can overlay information from a remote expert right where you need it and benefits from high transparency to allow you to focus on the environment. The display size is superior to monocular smart glasses¹ and can reduce the need to strain to see digital content when performing time intensive or delicate tasks.


Why Choose Epson Moverio?

Do you need further support?

If you can’t find the most appropriate software partner for your needs, or you have further questions about Epson Moverio smart glasses, you can get in touch with an Epson representative using the form below.

¹ Based on the specification data available on the websites of leading monocular smart glasses manufacturers as of August 2019