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Cost effective printing

  • Durability Print documents that can be stored for a long time
  • Stable print quality Water-based pigments don't cause curling when stored in clear files
  • Water-based pigment Exceptionally clear colour printing
  • Scratch resistant Inks penetrate into the fibres of the paper, to prevent tampering


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Documents printed with DURABrite Pro inks can be stored in an office environment without deteriorating. In fact, it has been proven by a third party evaluation test that when stored in a dark place, they last for more than 400 years.

Stable print quality:

Unlike oil-based pigment inks, DURABrite Pro's water-based pigment ink don't cause curling when placed in clear files made from PP. This simplifies storage and preserves the quality of the print-outs.

Water-based pigment ink:

Epson's business inkjet printers use pigment inks that provide image quality and ease of storage, in stark contrast to the dye inks used in general household inkjet printers. Water-based pigments achieve high quality colour printing. Their superior water and highlighter resistance make these inks ideal for a wide range of colour printing needs, such as business documents, DMs, and simple flyers.

Scratch resistance:

Epson's pigment inks penetrate firmly into the fibres of the paper, preventing important documents from being tampered with.

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