Standard Proofing Paper OBA Series

Accurate proofing to Fogra51
Designed to complement Epson's existing range, this proofing paper allows specialist proofing companies, printers and design agencies to create colour-accurate proofs time after time. This latest variant of Standard Proofing Paper contains an Optical Brightening Agent (OBA), which gives a closer match to the whiteness of production papers used in the printing industry.
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Standard Proofing Paper OBA Series
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Same time and money

Providing a good match to the stock used in commercial printing, this paper produces colour-accurate proofs and can help reduce the need for reprints. It also offers better proof comparison when viewed in the new lighting conditions as defined by ISO:3664 (2009).

Produce consistent results

We understand that consistency is important and colours have to look accurate, whatever proofs are required. Whether it is magazine pages, brochures or catalogues, thanks to a long-term colour consistency and stability, this paper ensures accurate proofs, time and time again.

Fogra51 compliance

Standard Proofing Paper OBA reproduces the Fogra51 characterisation data and meets stability requirements for white point and printed output. The paper is certified under FograCert 29774.

Stable white point

Intelligent product design has been used to ensure a stable white point, which ensures that proofs remain as true as the day they were printed. Paper white point (M1) L>95, a=1, b= -5 optimised for FOGRA51.

Meeting the New Standards

This product is designed for proofing professionals who want to move to the latest proofing conditions for OBA containing papers, which encompass standards for printing (ISO12647-2:2013), viewing conditions (ISO3664:2009) and the M1 measurement mode, as defined in ISO13655:2009 and Fogra51.