Control and Connection Box - ELPCB01

Projector control box
This wall-mounted box puts Epson projector controls within easy reach at the front of the classroom, while keeping cables tidy.
Simply plug your Epson projector and signal sources such as laptops or DVD players into the ELPCB01 Control and Connection Box, then enjoy the convenience of having your projector controls at your fingertips. No more fiddling with ceiling-mounted inputs or remote controls - you can switch between sources at the touch of a button, saving valuable teaching time.
This product works with all Epson education projectors and is compatible with the Epson ELP-DC06 USB visualiser
SKU: V12H443040
Control and Connection Box - ELPCB01


Keep cables tidy

Keep cables neat, improve the look of your classroom and minimise trip hazards with the included cable cover.

Easy to use

Focus on the lesson rather than your equipment: the ELPCB01 is straightforward to use, with large buttons and clearly-labelled inputs. Outwards-opening doors make accessing the inputs a one-handed job.

Extend USB cables

Extend cables by up to 10 metres with the built-in USB signal booster.

Simple to install

Fix to the wall with just four screws. All inputs and buttons are identical to those on Epson's projectors for easy recognition.

Optional speakers

Complete your classroom's total audio-visual solution by connecting the two optional Epson 15W speakers with built-in amplifier for powerful sound.



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