Testing, measuring, controlling solutions

With Epson robots and a powerful integrated image processing system, tasks that require precise recording can be mastered with high clock rates.

Testing, measuring, controlling

Quality controls, trial runs before serial production, data measurements are all areas where precise recording is vital. With Epson robots and a powerful integrated image processing system, these tasks can also be mastered with high clock rates. The PC-based RC620 master controller can be expanded with additional measurement and testing hardware and is easily integrated into image recognition systems or force-moment sensors supplied by other manufacturers. If a product deviates from the tolerance values set via the predefined parameters, it is rejected as faulty.

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Modern automation solutions must meet a few simple requirements - they need to be as fast as possible, as small as possible, as inexpensive as possible. Epson can offer you a wide range of high-speed and high-precision industrial robots.


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Our robots pallet, saw, mill, drill, grind, assemble, move and build together. They work precisely and at a breathtaking speed in all these and many other applications – often for up to 24 hours a day. Our product portfolio includes one of the most extensive SCARA model ranges worldwide, 6-axis robots, controllers and software.