As a responsible business, our actions are underpinned by our global governance strategy and driven by our social responsibility. This means increasing stakeholder engagement, delivering responsible supply chains, respecting human rights, and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our governance is further enhanced by accelerating the transparency of management decision making, improving risk management, ensuring 100% compliance, and strengthening information security.

Our Principles of Corporate Behaviour

Ethical behaviour and compliance are the foundations of Epson. As a business, we observe a set of nine Principles of Corporate Behaviour that underpin our management philosophy. These principles signal our commitment to ethical corporate behaviour, and they serve as a trust-based declaration for all employees to comply with.

Ethics and safeguarding against fraud, corruption, and bribery

We take compliance violations extremely seriously and provide an ethics hotline for all employees to report any ethical or compliance concerns.

J-SOX is part of Japan’s Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, which governs publicly listed companies like Epson. J-SOX compliance provides us with a framework of internal controls to ensure reliable and accurate financial information, and to detect against fraud.

Anti-bribery and competition law is included within the terms of all contracts with our partners and vendors. We provide anti-bribery and competition law guidelines for our business partners, and competition law regulations procedures guides and training for our employees.

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