Bringing Your Displays To Life

Add movement and life to your retail displays or exhibitions


Blur the line between lighting and projection

Create stunning visual displays and immersive environments with the LightScene EV-100, the cutting-edge digital signage solution. A convergence of lighting and display technology, LightScene laser projectors captivate audiences by simultaneously illuminating and projecting on virtually any surface or material, unleashing dynamic, experiential content for digital art, commercial signage and décor applications.

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  • 3LCD
  • True colours: Brighter, Vivid projection from Epson

Bringing movement and life to retail displays and exhibitions

The only limitation is your creativity. See how the LightScene EV-100 brought three top designers' ideas to life.

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  • Exceptional image quality

    Sharp WXGA resolution and 2,000-lumen brightness forms part of the technology that allows you to project stunning stills or lifelike video with ease.

  • Complete flexibility

    Its low-impact design blends into most environments and can be used in spaces where a regular projector just wouldn't be suitable - they can even be installed on an existing lighting track. Project from any angle, including floor-standing or ceiling mounted. Multiple units are capable of edge-blending for larger displays.

  • Excellent reliability

    A five-year, 20,000-hour warranty, coupled with Epson's durable, reliable inorganic phosphor wheel technology, means the LightScene EV-100 can be installed and forgotten about.

Realising the potential

Endless possibilities with a truly immersive experience. See how the concepts of four leading retail designers use the LightScene EV-100 to great effect as they take the user to the very heart of the action.

  • Health Cave

    Runners can be virtually transported to different locations through the projection of pre-recorded video footage of running trails onto the surfaces surrounding their treadmill.

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  • Bespoke Brand Space

    This concept aims to take immersive retail experiences to the next level by combining motion graphics and projection mapping on walls, products and display plinths.

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  • Water Immersion

    Projection onto fabric and the surrounding floor area simulates flowing water, replacing traditionally printed graphics with digital, animated content.

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  • Interesting Shadow

    This concept combines interactivity with an element of reactive content, adapting to individual environments to display real-time information about drinks, special offers and even table reservations.

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Bright, flexible HD projection

Bring any display to life with sharp WXGA resolution and 2,000-lumen brightness.

Fit and forget reliability

Epson’s flexible laser technology gives the EV-100 a huge variety of mounting options – it can project from any angle, and can be ceiling-mounted, floor-standing or attached to a lighting track, all without requiring specialist installation or set-up. It is also capable of projecting in portrait, and multiple units are capable of edge blending for larger displays.

A low impact design to blend into any environment

With a sleek, low-noise design, available in black or white and created to blend into the background, the LightScene EV-100 offers easy installation and operation.

Technical specifications

Discover the technology that supports the perfomance of the LightScene EV-100

Sharpness and readability

2,500,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio

This extraordinary contrast ratio provides exceptionally deep blacks and brilliant, vivid colours


Scalable screen size

EV-100 Series

30-133-inch eye-catching projections, easy readability and outstanding versatility.


Spotlight mode

To further complement the LightScene EV-100's flexibility, the spotlight mode allows the unit to be used as a traditional spotlight, to highlight products and display detail

Five-year warranty

Its laser light source delivers maintenance-free performance for 20,000 hours with a five-year warranty

Expansive connectivity

HDMI, RJ-45, wired and wireless LAN connectivity and an SD card slot for direct content storage and playback when needed.

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LightScene EV-100
Digital lighting projector
LightScene EV-100
  • Discreet signage projector Low visual noise white casing won't grab the spotlight
  • Sharp, vivid projection 2,000-lumen brightness and detailed WXGA resolution
  • Flexible installation Can be ceiling-mounted, floor-standing or attached to a lighting track
  • Easy playlist loading Playlist can be loaded from an SD Card without the need for a computer
  • Fit and forget reliability Durable Epson technology supported by a five-year 20,000-hour warranty
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Superior image quality and reliability

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1 - Survey conducted by Futuresource Consulting Limited for the period from 2001 to 2015.