How to Resolve a Paper Jam Error on ColorWorks C3500


Paper Jam error on ColorWorks C3500.


When the correct instructions are not followed above error might occur.

Follow the below instruction to set the correct settings for Fanfold Paper.


The below steps will show the steps to remove the Roll paper and fix the Fanfold Paper Guide.


These details can be found in ColorWorks C3500 Series Technical Reference Guide (TRG) section “Replacing Roll Paper with Fanfold Paper”.

Please click here to download the Technical Referance Guide.


  1. To open the roll paper cover - Press down the release lever, and pull it to the front.

  2. Remove any used roll media
  3. Turn the printer ON.
  4. Start Printer Setting Utility on the computer.


Printer Utilities

  1. Select Printer Utilities tab
  2. Click Printer Setting Utility

Printer Settings

  1. In the Media Source menu select Fanfold Paper
  2. In the Media Detection drop down menu select your media.
  3. Then, click Apply Settings.

  4. The following confirmation window will appear and Click Yes to save the settings on the printer.

  5. The following window appears to guide the user to attach the fanfold paper guide.

    Follow the on-screen instructions and click OK to proceed.

  6. At the back of the printer, open the fanfold paper cover and take out the paper feed guide.

  7. At the front of the printer, pull the release lever to open the roll paper cover.

  8. Insert the paper feed guide for fanfold paper as shown below by sliding inside the roll paper cover.

  9. Click General tab on the printing preference dialog to make sure all media setting are correct and click OK to close it.

  10. Finally turn the printer OFF and ON to get all the settings applied.