SC-T5400M Series Scanner Operation Guide for Loading Original Documents

Operating Procedure

  1. Find the raised line on the black rail of the printer. Place the edge guide to the right of the line, then align the left side of the edge guide to the raised line (Fig. 1). Do not leave any space between the edge guide and raised line. (Fig 2).

  2. After selecting your Copy or Scanning settings on the control panel, set the original document on top of the printer cover, but do not insert it into the scanner yet. Please ensure the orientation of the original document is the scanned-side facing out. Gently align the right edge of the original document to the edge guide. Leave a very small amount of space between the edge guide and your document edge. Do not push the edge guide away from the raised line (Fig. 3).

  3. Lightly hold down both sides of the original document with your hands (Fig. 4), then quickly slide the document about 5 cm into the scanner slot (Fig. 5). To prevent skewing, bend the document away from the printer, leaving some space between it and the printer (Fig. 6). Release your hands away from the printer once the original loads automatically.
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For thin papers only: Pinch the left and right sides using your thumb and index fingers. Hold the document tightly while inserting it into the scanner slot after aligning the document. Support the paper above the printer while inserting it into the scanner slot (Fig. 7), then release the paper after it is loaded

  • If you insert the document slowly into the scanner slot, the scanner may not recognize it and an error may occur.
  • If the original document is aligned too closely to the edge guides, the document may be misaligned and the scanner may not recognize the original. Please align the original with the edge guide so that the original is just touching the edge guide. (see Fig. 3)
  • If you try to scan transparent paper such as Mylar or tracing paper, the document width may not be detected automatically. Set the [Original Size] or [Scan Size] settings using the control panel.