WebConfig API: Differences according to TM-Intelligent product ranges

This document details the differences when configuring the following TM-T88VI products using WebConfig API.

For the purpose of this document, the ranges will be described as New and Old as follows:

  • New: TM-T88VI / TM-T88VI-iHub
  • Old: TM-T88V-i / TM-T70-i

TMNet WebConfig and WebConfig API:

TMNet WebConfig is an on-board web application to set up the TM-Intelligent printer using a web browser.

WebConfig API offers the ability to make similar adjustments by the standard HTTP requests GET and PUT. This can be particularly useful, for example, to integrate these settings into a customer application.

In the new products, WebConfig API has been simplified resulting in some important considerations for the end-user. This guide is intended to give a brief overview of these differences.


  1. Settings URL:

    OLD: CGI scripts for handling different aspects of functionality reside at different URL’s.


    To retrieve the wired LAN link speed setting from the printer, an HTTP GET to config_general_wired.cgi is used. To set the TCP/IP settings, a HTTP PUT to set_tcpip_wired.cgi is required.

    NEW: A single webconfig.cgi is used to handle all requests, except resetting the printer (reset.cgi). Different aspects of functionality can be selected using nested keys in the JSON format.

  2. Getting and Setting values:

    OLD: Two different .cgi scripts handle the GET and PUT.


    To retrieve the wired LAN link speed setting from the printer, an HTTP GET to config_general_wired.cgi is used. To set the wired LAN link speed setting, a HTTP PUT to config_general_wired.cgi is required.

    NEW: A single .cgi script handles the GET and PUT. To retrieve settings from the printer, an HTTP GET to webconfig.cgi is used. To send settings to the printer, a HTTP PUT to webconfig.cgi is required.

  3. Format of Request:

    OLD: Printer settings could be applied using XML, JSON and ini format.

    NEW: The printer is now standardised on JSON format only.

  4. Available Parameters:

    OLD: The available parameters are as follows:

    Common, Automatic Update,
    Wired LAN, Server Direct Print,
    Wireless LAN, Status Notification,
    Adding a TM Printer, Device Data Notification,
    Deleting a TM Printer, Certificate,
    Setting a Customer Display, Proxy,
    Adding a key input device, Administrator and Location,
    Deleting a key input device, Time of Day,
    Setting a serial Communication Device, Password,
    Setting a TM Printer, SSL,
    Spooler, Resetting and Initialising the settings.
    Web Contents Updater,  

    NEW: Of the above, the following can no longer be configured by WebConfig API.

    Wired LAN, Time of Day,
    Wireless LAN, Password,
    Administrator and Location, SSL