Pro Displays: Epson Projector Professional Tool

  • EB-L1000U/L1100U/L1105U/L1300U/L1405U/L1490U/L1495U Series
  • EB-L1500UH/L1505UH/L1710S/L1715S/L1750U/L1755U Series
  • EB-L12000Q/L20000U Series
  • EB-L25000U Series
  • Epson Projector Professional Tool (EPPT)
  • Multi-Projection
  • Tiling
  • Screen Matching
  • Edge Blending
  • Black Level Adjustments

Epson Projector Professional Tool

The Epson Projector Professional Tool (EPPT) software enables professional display customers to manage multiple projectors over a network. With this software, you can control and adjust the powerful in-built geometric correction and Edge blending functions of individual or multiple projectors simultaneously.

This software offers the following benefits:

  • Intuitive operation and control — manage multiple network projectors
  • Save time — spend less time making adjustments via a remote control
  • Powerful projection tools — easily access tools such as geometric correction and Edge Blending
  • Simple setup — projectors in the same network are automatically found and displayed.
  • Compatibility — works with the latest Windows OS (Mac OS X version to be released soon!)
  • Free download — available via the Epson website
  • Convenient — supports wired and wireless networks
  • Auto calibration and screen matching — Using this software, you can quickly adjust the brightness and color via the projectors built-in cameras.

Please refer to the following table for the recommended specifications required to run this software:

Operating System

Windows 7

Ultimate (32/64bit), Enterprise (32/64bit), Professional (32/64bit), Home Premium (32/64bit), Home Basic (32bit)

Windows 8.1

Home (32/64bit), Pro (32/64bit), Enterprise (32/64bit)

Windows 10

Home (32/64bit), Pro (32/64bit), Enterprise (32/64bit)

CPU Intel Core2Duo 1.2GH or faster (Intel Core i3 or faster recommended)
Memory 1GB or more (2GB or more recommended)
Display 1280 x 720 or more (Max 1980 x 1080)

Click on the image below to open the Epson Projector Professional Tool Operation Guide in a new window:


Refer to the table below to ensure that the projector firmware and EPPT version are supported.


Projector Firmware Version

EPPT Version

1.00 1.10 1.20(Latest)
EB-L25000U ~V120 Yes N/A No
V130~ No* Yes Yes
EB-L1000 / L1100U / L1200U / L1300U / L1405U / L1490U / L1495U / L1500U / L1505U ~V131 Yes N/A No


Yes Yes
EB-L1500UH / L1505UH / L1510S / L1515S / L1710S / L1715S / L1750U / L1755U V100 Yes No No
~V110 No* Yes Yes
EB-L12000Q / L20000U TBC TBC TBC TBC

*When using this firmware and EPPT version combination, the projector will not be found in EPPT.