Print Quality issues: Incorrect or missing colours or lines on printed images

When printing from a computer, the printed document or image may appear to have a coloured cast that is not shown on the original image. The sample images below are examples of colour casting.

Original Cyan cast Magenta cast

If you are having print quality problems, follow the steps below to investigate the possible cause of a colour cast on your printed image(s) and how to troubleshoot the issue.


Use the Nozzle Check utility to check the print head nozzles


A nozzle check can be printed directly through the printer driver on a computer.


Check the age of the ink cartridges


Use suitable paper


Use genuine Epson ink cartridges


Use suitable printer driver settings


I am not using the 'Black Ink Only' or 'Grayscale' setting and want to select this when printing colour documents. Where can I set this?