Wireless Networking: How to perform a PING test - macOS

Use the PING command to test the connection between the printer and computer. If there is no response then it could be a problem with the network settings on the printer. If there is a response then the problem could be caused by a computer setting problem (e.g. the printer port, or firewall settings)


Make a note of the printer's IP address on the network status sheet. This will be used to test the communication between the printer and computer using the PING command.


Perform the PING command in Mac OS X

  1. From the Apple iconApple menu, select System Preferences.
  2. Click on the Network icon.
  3. Verify that Automatic is selected in Location.
  4. Select the network interface from the list on the left then click on Advanced from the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  5. Click the TCP/IP tab.
    • Print a network status sheet and note the IP address of the printer.
    • Compare the printers IP address with the IP address on the Mac.
    • The printer and the Macs network interface should share the same IP address range e.g. ‘192.168.1.xxx” with only the last 3 digits being different.
  6. Click OK, then close System Preferences with the in the top left of the box.
  7. Click Search at the top right of the screen and the below screen will appear.

  8. Type Network Utility into the search box and Double-click on the Network Utility icon.

  9. Click on the Ping tab. We recommend selecting the option to send only 10 pings, the default setting may be send an unlimited number of pings.
  10. Enter the printer's IP address (from the network status sheet) into the network address field. Click Ping.
    • If a ping is successful, the printer is detected and communicating directly with Mac OS X. However the Epson software may still fail to function due to settings within the Firewall or Internet Security software.

      The example below shows a successful ping:

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  11. If a ping is not successful e.g. the reply is, Host is down and 100% packet loss. Check the network settings in Mac OS X and on the printer to confirm they are both connected to the same network.

    The example below shows an unsuccessful ping:


    If the ping command still fails and all network settings are correct, contact the network administrator or router manufacturer.


Video Tutorial: How to perform a PING test in macOS