Solutions If You Cannot Connect to the Internet from a Computer

Solutions If You Cannot Connect to the Internet from a Computer

Try the following solutions.

  • Restart the access point (consider other users who may be using the network).

  • Check the status of the access point to make sure it is working correctly. See the documentation provided with the access point for details.

  • If the computer cannot receive signals from the access point, move them closer together. If interference occurs, move them away from other electromagnetic wave equipment or radio equipment.

  • You may not be able to connect to a network that is receiving connections from too many devices. Reduce the number of devices on the network by turning off the unused devices and so on.

  • If there is an IP address conflict, the network connection may become unstable or unavailable. Assign a unique IP address to each network device.

  • You cannot connect to the network if multiple network adapters are enabled. Disable unused network adapters.

  • If wireless channels between the computer and the access point do not match, they cannot connect to each other.

  • Available wireless channels may be restricted on computers that have a Wi-Fi adapter. Check that the computer has the wireless channel that is set on the access point.

  • When you cannot find the SSID for the access point, the access point may be set to hide the SSID. If it is set to hide, enter the SSID and password directly on the computer.

  • For Windows, you may not be able to connect to the network when a network bridge is created. Delete the network bridge.