How and when to clean your printhead


Please note that not all printers use the same nozzle check pattern, the main points to note are:

Can you see any gaps or breaks in the lines printed?

If the printer has four ink cartridges, can you see four sets of coloured lines printed on the paper?

  1. Are the lines complete?
  2. Are all the colours printed?

Have a look at the nozzle check patterns below. Pick the example that looks like the nozzle check pattern printed by your printer.

Example A Example B Example C

Nozzles are missing from black and colour nozzles, so all colours will need to be cleaned. Only black nozzle(s) are missing, if the product supports black only cleaning* please choose this method. Colours are mixed.

* only available on WF-35xx, WF-36xx, WF-37xx, WF-7015, WF-7110, WF-7210, WF-75xx, WF-76xx, WF-77xx

After printhead cleaning and a new nozzle check pattern is printed

Do the missing part(s) return to normal (Result 1), stay the same (Result 2) or move (Result 3).

Result 1 Result 2 Result 3

Power ink Flush - EcoTank and L Series Products Only:

A Power Ink Flush is a high powered cleaning option on Epson L-Series / EcoTank Printers.

Only use this function if you encounter an unrecoverable print quality problem.



This should only be used after having performed 2 Head Cleans and a Nozzle Check 3 times. (A total of 6 Head cleans and 3 Nozzle Checks)

Cleaning the Print Head Using the Product Control Panel ET and L series