Can I print using black ink only when my colour cartridge(s) are empty?

  • Black Print Mode
  • The following Printers and All-In-Ones:
    • Stylus Range
    • Stylus Office Range
    • Expression Home Range
    • Expression Premium Range
    • Expression Photo Range
    • WorkForce Range
    • WorkForce Pro Range

Black Print Mode allows you to print only with black ink as a temporary emergency measure to minimise the down time in the event any colour inks are expended, even if there is no replacement cartridges available. Black Print Mode is only available under specific settings.


Which printers support Black Print Mode


What are the supported settings in Black Print Mode


How long is Black Print Mode available for?


Why does the Black Print Mode work only for a limited period?


What happens when the printer exceeds the printable duration in the Black Print Mode without replacing the expended cartridge?


What happens if I ignore the "Replace Cartridge" and leave the printer untreated?


Is Black Print Mode available on older Epson models?


How does Black Print Mode work?