Can I fax with my All-In-One without a telephone port?

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  • All-In-One products without an in-built hardware fax solution


You can scan, print and copy with your Epson All-In-One, as detailed in the product specifications which are available on the Epson website. Some common questions about the fax capabilities of Epson All-In-One products are addressed below.


I want to send a fax using my Epson All-In-One

It is not possible to use your All-In-One as a Fax machine.

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Your Epson All-In-One has not been manufactured with an integrated Fax. Higher-end Epson All-In-One products are available that have an integrated Fax machine. Epson All-In-One products with an integrated Fax are marketed as Fax-capable in order to promote this additional feature and distinguish them from other Epson All-In-One products.

In order to fax, you require an All-In-One with a telephone port, enabling you to connect the unit to a telephone line to be used as a standalone Fax machine in addition to a scanner/printer/copier.

Only Epson All-In-One products confirmed as having a fax function in the product specifications can be used as a Fax machine. Fax-capable All-In-One products are indicated by the 'F' at the end of the model name which denotes the (integrated) 'Fax'. The fax is not sent via computer software, but instead via the telephone/fax line that it's connected to. To send a fax via the computer, a third party fax printer driver would need to be installed. If you want an All-In-One which you can use for computer-free faxing, we recommend one of our Fax-enabled products such as those mentioned above. Please see the 'Products' section of the website for new and current product information.


Why does Epson not supply Fax software with this product?

Epson do not supply or sell any Fax software for this particular unit as the All-In-One is not designed to be used as a Fax machine. Epson do not provide support for using third party software with our products.

Using third party software with an Epson All-In-One may provide you with a fax solution. In such a set-up the All-In-One would be used to scan to the computer only. Fax software can be purchased from many software retailers which may work with the scanner. For more information, we recommend contacting your local supplier.