An error is shown when opening Epson Scan 2

Epson Scan 2 can be used to scan using a USB, wired or wireless (Wi-Fi) network connection.


By default, Epson Scan 2 is set to scan using a USB cable, and will present the message, Unable to connect to network scanner. Check the scanner, network, and connection settings. if Epson Scan 2 is opened and an All-In-One printer or scanner is connected using a network or Wi-Fi connection.

Your device (All-In-One printer or scanner) must be connected to the same network as your PC or Mac

The following explains how to change the settings in Epson Scan 2 to allow scanning using a network or Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Open Epson Scan 2 Utility.

    To do this open the Windows Start menu and select the EPSON folder

  2. If the Epson product is not listed, click on the Refresh button

  3. If it still does not show in the list, click the Enable Editing button.

  4. Click Click Add

  5. Click the IP address of the All-in-one or scanner in the list and click OK


    If the IP address is not shown in the list click Enter Address.

    1. Type in the IP address of the All in one printer or scanner

    2. Click Add


  6. Close Epson Scan 2 Utility and open Epson Scan 2 and the scanner will be able to scan