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AcuLaser C1100, CX11N & CX21N: How to check and adjust the photoconductor unit retract levers


  • You have been asked to check and adjust the photoconductor unit retract lever(s).
  • You're experiencing print quality issues: smudged edges, colour bleeding, or a multicoloured band down the middle of a page appearing on the first page of a print job.
  • You may have recently replaced the photoconductor unit.


This article explains how to check and adjust a part of the photoconductor unit called the retract lever.  A stuck or misaligned retract lever can cause specific print quality issues, but you can usually resolve the problem yourself with a simple adjustment.



  • Please observe the following handling precautions:

  • The photoconductor unit (PCU) weighs 2.8kg (6.16 lb).  Hold it firmly by the handle when carrying it.

  • The PCU is light-sensitive. Avoid exposing it to light any longer than necessary.

  • Be careful not to scratch the surface of the drum and transfer belt.  Also, avoid touching the drum, since oil from your skin may permanently damage its surface and affect print quality.

  • Avoid tilting the PCU.

  • For more information see your reference guide, available from the Epson website.

  1. Examples of print quality issues indicating a retract lever problem.

  2. Remove and check the photoconductor unit (PCU).

  3. If you have identified a stuck retract lever, raise the PCU casing to release it.

  4. Reinstall the photoconductor unit. For help with this step see AcuLaser C1100, CX11N & CX21N: How to remove and reinstall the photoconductor unit or refer to your reference guide.

  5. Test the print quality again.

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