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What's the maximum image length allowed when printing a banner or long image on roll paper?


  • Epson Stylus Photo and Stylus Pro inkjet printers capable of printing on roll paper


The maximum allowable image length when printing a long image or banner is determined by the following factors:

  1. Your application

    Applications may limit your image to a certain file size, maximum number of pixels, or have other restrictions. For example, Adobe Photoshop® limits images to 30,000 x 30,000 pixels (up to CS2) or 300,000 x 300,000 pixels from version CS3 and higher.

    Please refer to your application's documentation or website for information on image and printing limitations.

  2. Your printer driver and operating system

    When printing using an Epson large format printer and the standard Epson driver the length of the image cannot exceed 32767 pixels.

    • For product-specific information on your printer's roll paper printing capabilities please refer to your user guide.

    Optimize Enlargement

    In Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7, printer drivers for the Stylus Pro range and some Stylus Photo printers allow you to use the Optimize Enlargement option to exceed driver limits.

    Stylus Photo R2880, Windows Vista

    Select Optimize Enlargement if you are enlarging an image beyond the limits of your application. The driver will increase the image size up to 650% and decrease the output resolution to stay within the pixel limitations. Depending on the resolution of the original image and the print size, you may see reduced quality in the print.

    Coarse Rendering

    Similarly, if the image is too long to be output, you can try enabling the Coarse Rendering option (available in drivers for most large format and some Stylus Photo printers). Coarse Rendering decreases the input resolution of the file to reduce the amount of data to be printed, however this does also decrease the print quality.

  3. The method you use to print

    There are three main alternatives:

    • "One piece" banner printing - this is simply printing a single image as is, and is subject to all of the potential restrictions listed above.

    • "Tiling" - this allows you to print images that would otherwise exceed the maximum printing length of your printer driver, and works by splitting the image into parts. However, this feature is only available in certain applications, such as Adobe Illustrator® and Quark XPress®. Adobe Photoshop® does not support tiling.

    • Printing via a RIP - as a RIP does not use the EPSON printer driver, using one means that driver limitations do not apply.

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